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What is sustainable development? Well, think about your kids, your grandkids, their grandkids, and so on and so on. Do you want there to enough resources on earth sustain them so they can live as you have or do you want them to live like in futuristic movies and have to go live in a space shuttle or on another planet because all the earth’s resources have been used up? Pretty much everyone wants their kids to enjoy the luxury’s that they had in their lives and that’s where sustainable development comes in. The International Institute for Sustainable Development says “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”(What is Sustainable Development?) The definition pretty much sums up what it is, but how do we practice it, especially since its human nature to think me first and I want it now and not then.
Sustainable development must be practiced by the whole world, both developed and developing countries. The reason why one country cannot sustain itself is because not every country has enough resources to last those five hundred years. Another reason is because what one country does affects other countries, not necessarily their neighboring countries; they could be thousands of miles away across the ocean. Who ever thought that pollution that occurs in the United States could affect the air quality in Asia and pesticides sprayed in Argentina could affect the fishing in Australia? (What is Sustainable Development?) These are only two examples and they are many more where that comes from.
Sustainable development plays into environmental justice by allowing the future generations who cannot defend themselves yet have a shot at decent life. Sustainable development does not always deal with the environment and natural resources. The European Union meets yearly to discuss the topic of sustainable development. Some things that they outline to work on in the upcoming year are “climate change and clean energy, sustainable transport, sustainable consumption and production, public health, social inclusion, demography and migration, and global poverty and sustainable development challenges.” (Sustainable Development) By addressing these situations now they are not only creating a sustainable place for the future generations, they are also creating a better place for neighboring countries and continents. Surrounding Europe and also some countries in Europe are developing countries that are caught downwind of their pollution. By lowering emissions on cars and factories, offering aid to the poor, offering education the undereducated they are teaching them to become more sustainable themselves.
One thing that many people do not realize is that there are many chemicals being sprayed on agriculture fields in India used to kill bugs. Not only is this not a sustainable practice for environmental reasons, it also hurts the workers in the field. Cotton is a...

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