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Gun control is a growing issue as of late, due to recent events such as school shootings as well as crimes which are committed daily due to gun violence the issue has been more controversial than ever before. IT is true that by owing a gun you can feel a sense of self- empowerment as it can allow you to protect yourself as well as your loved ones. However, owing a gun is a double edge sword in today’s world. The reason is that with the sudden increase in gun violence more people have beganbegun to become anti-gun. The government does help by passing laws which will not allow certain people to own or buy guns. The problem with that type of situation is that those people can still own guns by going through a third party in order to receive a gun. Gun control is and always will be a key issue in today’s world.
First allow us to get into the pro side of owning a gun. I will start this argument by stating that guns are essential to anybody who understands how big the responsibility is when taking ownership of a gun; by being knowledgeable of how to use and how to keep your guns out of reach of our children you show an understanding of how a gun should be owned. You do not want to keep your guns loaded and want to keep them out of the reach of any child whom may live or visit your home. Guns are not for showing off how powerful they are, they are made to protect as well as to hunt.
Another pro I would like to bring up when it comes to owning a gun. A gun can allow you to teach yourself as well as others in your household responsibility. It is always a great idea to show them how to use a gun and also explain when it is appropriate to even touch a weapon in the first place. By teaching responsibility and making sure that yourself as well as others around you understands just how dangerous guns can be you can become an ideal gun owner. Also when you go the shooting range or just want to take care of built up stress it is always soothing to shoot a gun. By shooting a gun at targets or just to practice hunting you are taking your mind off of something that is stressing you out.
The biggest pro when it comes to owning a gun is the sense of security and protection it allows you to obtain being a homeowner or family member. It allows you to understand that if you are being burglarized or if somebody does try to break into your home a gun provides you a way to protect yourself as well as your family. It is a fact that 74% of burglars stay away from homes are occupied by those who own guns due to the fear of what could happen. The best part about owning a gun is you can keep burglars or vandals at bay without even having to fire your gun;, just the sight of a gun will keep people from trying to break into your homes.
Now for the con side of this debate, first I would have to say that having a gun is extremely risky. There is danger associated with owning a gun. You can be foolish and leave your gun where children may have access to it which can...

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