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Effects of Globalization
Globalization has changed the way nations interact. Globalization has made the world a much more intricate community. Only a generation ago, riots in Egypt would have been interesting, a tsunami in Japan would have been news worthy, or an outbreak (SARS) in China might have been tracked. Today, all of these have a direct effect on our lives, financially, physically, and emotionally, both in the United States and Canada. Globalization affects the social determinants of health and is forcing us to change our paradigms as we focus on cause and effect. (Ruckert, Labonte, 2014) Globalization is not all negative; many poorer countries have made significant improvements in poverty, human rights and disease prevention. (Binabwaho et al., 2013) Ontario Canada benefited greatly from global trade and became a populous and wealthy province. However, the recession which hit the U.S. and Europe also affected our Neighbors as well. (Reeves, Basu, McKee, Meissner, Stuckler, 2013) Canada, who fares better than the U.S. in health, now faces challenges to its healthcare programs due to the far reaching effects of the global recession. (2013) Ontario, which depends heavily on exports to the United States and is Canada’s most populous province, has been most impacted. (Ruckert, Labonte, 2014)

Current Health Challenges
Challenges to the U.S. and Canada brought about by globalization, center on the financial crisis caused by the recession. In both countries we are seeing the fiscal austerity brought on by this crisis. (Ruckert, Labonte, 2014) The debt crisis is affecting social equality and thus the social determinants of health, as well as the funding of programs which might offer assistance in both countries. We are seeing two distinct problems from one source. First the change in the poverty level of the population. They require more aid, including food, shelter and other basics. Second, is the lack of money on federal and local governments to fund any programs that may offer aid. Poverty for Canada is on the rise, climbing just under 5% from 1990 to 2010. (Ruckert, Labonte, 2014) This is also increasing the income inequalities in Canada. (2014) The U.S. is...

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