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Many people have very strong opinions on either side about how the feel about certain breeds of dogs, especially pit bulls. According to the ASPCA, “ today’s pit bull is a short-coated dog characterized by a wide skull, powerful jaws and a muscular, stocky body. Typically 35 to 65 pounds, some weigh as little as 25 pounds, while others tip the scales at 80 pounds or more. Some have bulkier frames and colossal skulls; others have leaner, more muscular bodies. All are strong and athletic.” There are apparently a couple of different dogs that are a part of this breed but many with similar features get put into the same category. I have noticed that a lot of people are either completely against the breed and believe that they do not deserve to live, or they absolutely love them and feel as if they can do no wrong. What about just learning the truth and forming your own opinion before deciding how you feel, instead of just going off of what others say?
I believe that if you want to own an animal as long as you take care of it properly what difference does it make? A loved and obedient dog is less likely to be aggressive in any type of dog. Any type of dog can be mean if trained to do so. Early socialization with dogs is important so they can be around other dogs and humans. All different types of dogs need to have dedicated owners that teach them obedience, show them love, and allow them to have guidance through out there life. Owners need to allow the dogs to run around to burn off their energy. All dogs need to be active, played with, given attention and love.
The dogs get so much attention due to their reputation of being aggressive. If people are mistreating their pit bulls or any type of dog and are training them to fight they need to be punished. That is where some people begin to believe that the pit bulls are just an aggressive type of dog and it is in their nature to attack. Can we judge one type of dog because of a few of that types actions? Humans do not like to be stereotyped and we know that is wrong, so why stereotype a dog? The ASPCA stated that, “the Pit Bull breed is often misunderstood, and has earned a bad reputation due to its association with the cruel sport of dog fighting.” This reputation is built off of a sport created by humans to make these dogs fight one another or larger animals as far back as the 1800’s, so it is not in their nature it is something that has been created and still exists today.
Pit bulls attack humans. There have been many reports where made where pit bulls have attacked and or killed people. The breakdown in percentages shows that you are 80% more likely to be attacked by a Chihuahua than a pit bull. Obviously, a Chihuahua attacking someone is not going to get the media attention that a pit bull is going to get because not nearly the same amount of damage will be caused. The breakdown also does not specify the reasons to why the attacks occurred. Was it out of a protection instinct or just because?...

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