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Week Five Assignment

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There is a war against healthcare in the U.S. and the people who are suffering are Medicare recipients, Medicaid recipients and the uninsured which includes children. The war is being waged by those who have the money and those who hold the power to wield the big proverbial stick. Laws of the government are impeded by incidental bureaucratic bullies who think that as a Republican or a Democrat, they have the right to not consider a bill that would help healthcare because they would have more votes that the other. Lives are being lost in the ensuing battle on pretense that one of them might actually care about saving innocent lives.
What works in the healthcare system and what doesn’t work in the healthcare system has been tried and tested and try as we must, there are clear plans to make a lot of improvements in the US practice. We in the US have a history of introducing universal health care, only to leave it with a system made up of our government, that pays for over one half of the nations’ health care. If we can control the cost of healthcare spending we would beat this system. Our healthcare costs have spiraled out of control because of Unemployment which has caused severe impoverishment across the United States. Without jobs the people are stuck with not having money to buy food, or money to pay for medications and most of all money to go to the doctor for treatment. They suffer until they are so sick that they are in worse shape than ever and have to be treated longer than if they had been seen on a regular basis and keeping their illness up to date with medications. The additional time spent on the care of the patients has caused the healthcare treatment spending to increase.
Healthcare is out of control because of the administrative costs to implement the many government rules and regulations. Healthcare is out of control because of the technology that is added to make the work of healthcare information more efficient. We have created so much efficiency that we have made the waves of computer and other technology very expensive to the health care system.
Finding a way out has been crucial to the US health care system and is extremely inefficient, and this inefficiency becomes more costly as the health care sector becomes a larger fraction of the economy. Trying the different methods of saving our health care system is costly. Making a way out of no way is the prime cure, and to do that we need answers. Having a job that carries insurance does offer a partial solution but this would be adverse if only the ones with health problems flocked to the companies that offered insurance. If a job offered higher salaries with no insurance they were pulling the worker in. But until recently health insurance was a sufficiently small consideration in job choice that large corporations offering good health benefits, like General Motors, could safely assume that the health status of their employees was representative of the...

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