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The Difference In Pay Between The Other Branches In The School System

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The educational system throughout the United States are in financial turmoil. In this paper, it will discuss the differences in pay between the other branches in the school system. It will also explain and debate that education even though it is important to everyone, the pay that the employees of the school systems are being neglected. The question we need to answer is why if it is so important for us to educate and transport the children of this country, that it is not also important enough that employees are not getting paid enough to be able to support their families as well. This paper concentrates on the state of North Carolina.
In the school system there are the classified jobs, administrative/licensed, and substitute positions. The classified jobs are considered the in school jobs. For instance teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, substitute teachers, teachers’ aides, maintenance, custodial, health providers, clerical positions, administration are all classified or certified. Their pay can range from $20,000 to $40,000, sometimes more depending on the job. In other states the average starts around $30,000 on up. Now bus drivers and cafeteria workers are considered classified but are considered part-time employees. This means less than six hours a day. The out of school employees are like the exceptional children’s bus drivers that are not a part of the schools. They are a part of transportation.

For fourteen years, I was a part of the system. I started as a substitute teacher, then a regular bus driver. Finally, I became an exceptional children’s bus driver. I loved my job. My starting pay was about $11,000. That was in the year 2000. It increased to $14,000 a year by the year 2014. The school system I worked for was the Cumberland County School System in Fayetteville, NC. The North Carolina school system are considered one of the lowest paid in the United States.
According to "PayScale" (2014), the difference in the salaries vary (Bus Driver, School Salary (United States)). In Atlanta, for instance, has a 12% increase in salary, Cincinnati and Houston has increased 10%. The other school systems are getting paid at a lower rate. Examples are Columbia, SC and Rochester, NY has a 7% decrease. Another decrease is San Antonio, Texas has 9%. It seems that the economy has increased, while salaries have remained the same. Other school systems are going through the same thing. Employees are tired of being taken advantage of. When the political world do not care whether or not the bills get paid, but want to see results for better education it is wrong. We are not saying over pay us. We are saying pay us what we need to survive this economic struggle. When we have to worry about how we are going to feed our families, pay mortgages, utilities, car payments, insurance, taxes, and even medications. What has this world come too when we have choose what we love to do verses what we need to do. The economy...

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