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In today’s society, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community has been more accepted then in years prior, especially in the 1960’s and years prior to that, when anyone in the LGBT community would be horribly ridiculed, if not tortured. However, there still lies a long road for the LGBT community, as it pertains to human rights, equality, and particularly, marriage equality. Each individual has their own perception on marriage equality, whether it is based on moral basis, or on a humanistic (humane) basis, which is the belief of not denying anyone the right to be who they are, and therefore love who they love. However, as a society, we must examine the facts, as well as ourselves, as we address the debate for marriage equality for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community.
The Debate: Morals v. Humanistic Beliefs
The debate is a clear one. On the subject of marriage equality, the debate is whether or not religious beliefs should trump humanistic beliefs. We all hear of the different politician placing their moral and religious views on the subject matter of marriage equality. Furthermore, we hear judge’s making marriage equality ruling’s based on their religious views, instead of law, as per the United States Constitution. According to MarriageEquality.org, legal disputes and fights for equal marriage rights has been ongoing for years, which is displayed in the 1978 case of Zablocki v. Redhail, where the “United States Supreme Court rendered marriage to be "of fundamental importance to all individuals". The court described marriage as "one of the 'basic civil rights of man'" and "the most important relation in life." The court also noted that "the right to marry is part of the fundamental 'right to privacy'" in the U.S. Constitution (Marriage Equality USA®, Unknown).” As displayed in this ruling by the United States Supreme Court, the Constitution plays an instrumental role in the decision. However, many with strong religious beliefs, as I am a highly spiritual person myself, may feel that government does not trump the most high. Though, I myself believe that is true, I also understand that people must live their lives as they wish, and without judgment or condemnation from fellow society. Therefore, individuals who are refusing to allow, or judgmental of equal marriage, are in fact in spiritual, or religious conflict, as they are being judgmental and condemning.
The topic of marriage equality for same sex couples, and homosexuality in any aspect, is a controversial one in society, but is very relevant in our own homes, as we all know someone who is in a relationship with the same sex. We do not turn our backs on our loved ones, yet and still, we do not support their rights, and advocate for them, and judge the general population. There is a great deal of acceptance and support of marriage equality for same sex couples, but there is also a lot of backlash, and undermining as it relates to...

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