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Week One Critique Essay

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In Chapter One of Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Cnflict: Lessons from American Corporations for Managers and Dispute Resolution Professionals, authors, David Lipsky, Ronald Seeber, and Richard Fincher (2003) lay the foundation for the rest of the book. They provide historical background on why corporations have shifted from dispute resolution to conflict management and stress the fact the “substantial dissatisfaction” that must drive companies to change how they handle dispute resolution (Lipsky, Seeber, & Fincher, 2003, Chapter 1, Inclination to Change). In addition, the authors articulated the differences between dispute management and conflict management (Chapter 1, ...view middle of the document...

” (Ch. 1, Litigation, Dispute, and Conflict Management, para. 5). In fact, the authors state that many companies actually discourage the constructive management of conflict by labeling people who raise concerns as troublemakers (Ch. 1, Culture, para. 1).
The information thus far is very reliable. Eric Lee, CEO of Jennie Stuart Medical Center, attested to the benefits of having a flat business structure (which seems to line up with conflict management) as a way of way of raising the bar for all employees, helping everyone to see themselves as an important representative for the hospital, and reducing workplace conflict (personal communication, October 25, 2013). Likewise, Amerland (2014) discussed the “enormous” potential advantages of a more flat or self-managed structure: “Faster decision-making, greater transparency and accountability within the enterprise, employees that are emotionally invested in their roles and happier at their work.”
However, the presentation of the material thus far has felt a bit cumbersome. While the historical and theoretical aspects are certainly important and critical to understanding the authors' perspective toward the material, this cohort member has to read some sections multiple times and jot notes in order to avoid confusion....

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