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Appreciation for the human service sector largely depends upon the moral standard in which its conglomerates uphold. Such organizations seek to maintain their level of “legitimacy” by adapting to successful strategies; thus appealing to the grace of its audience (Hasenfeld, 2010, p. 14). Hasenfeld (2010) states “their growth and survival depend less on the technical proficiency of their work and more on their conformity with dominant cultural symbols and belief systems, that is, institutional rules” (pg 14-15). Suggesting that the models used, and the shifting that takes place within the human service organizations, are based upon the ideologies accepted in that time or season.

In 1865, a Methodist Minister, William Booth begin a movement, known today as the “Salvation Army”. Booth’s vision incorporated the church views and belief systems with philanthropic work. Growing up less fortunate, Booth was able to relate to the struggling society, which in turn sparked a passion for helping the poor. Unfortunately, in that era, the less fortunate were viewed as “unacceptable” by the church (Diniejko, 2013). In the early 1800’s the congregational church was financially supported by those in the community, obligated to pay church taxes. The only members granted access inside the church, were those who were able to pay the pew rentals. Henceforth, those who couldn’t afford the pew seat were hindered from receiving the word of God (“Offering Was Not Always Apart of Worship”, 2000).

Booth’s dedication to the people, and God, forced him to retract from under the church covering, which held religious views that seemly took a different position. The message of hope and salvation was preached among the poor, in fact; those considered to be a disgrace to the community were among the first to commit to the Christianity beliefs, and took action. Converts under the leadership of William Booth were not considered to be “True Christians”, therefore was rejected by the church (“History of the Salvation Army,” 2013).

In 1865, Booth along with his wife Catherine left the church, and begins the evangelistic mission to save souls to God; regardless of race, sex, or financial need. Throughout its early history,...

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