Weekend Getaway Essay

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Sylvan walked up to the desk and handed the note over to Allen.

He scanned it quickly, then peered up at Sylvan. “I’m going to take a wild guess and

say you have some questions.”

Sylvan nodded. Allen gestured to the large couch positioned near the fireplace, then

began to walk towards it. Sylvan followed behind him.

When he reached the couch, Allen reclined into the cushions, propping his feet up on

the coffee table in front of him. He gestured for Sylvan to sit, and he did, amazed at the

softness of the material. “Ask away,” Allen prompted once he was settled.

Sylvan began with the question that had been on his mind since he had woken up.

“What is this place?”

“Airdene. ...view middle of the document...

“How long might that take?” Sylvan asked.

“Let’s say a while, and leave it at that.”

“Is there a faster way?”

“There might be,” Allen replied with a grin.

“And, if this faster way were to exist, could I use it?”

“I suppose.”

“Very descriptive. What’s the faster way?”

“Sneak out on the next bus to leave,” Allen stated simply, gaze fixed on Sylvan.

Sylvan returned his gaze determinedly. “I’m up for it. Can you get me on a bus


Allen grinned widely. “It just so happens that I can. You’ll be staying the night, I


“If it’s an inconvenience, I could find somewhere else.”

“Macarons are never an inconvenience. Wait, did I say macarons? Guests. I meant


Allen showed Sylvan to his room- number 23. The floor was carpeted with soft gray

fiber, and the bed was comfortable enough that he fell asleep almost immediately, despite the

fact that he was still wearing the same clothes he had been when he had arrived. The next

morning, he woke up with sunlight streaming through the window. He made his way

downstairs, carrying his satchel, and followed the sound of humming to a small dining room

off the lobby. A kitchen was attached, and Allen was currently spreading jam on a croissant.

He noticed Sylvan approaching, and flashed him a grin. “Well, good morning! Feeling

rested?” Sylvan nodded, and caught the pastry Allen tossed his way. “Ready to make a daring

escape through public transportation?” he continued. Sylvan nodded again. “That’s what I like

to hear!”

They finished their breakfast in relative silence, then Allen all but dragged Sylvan out

the door. They took the same route Sylvan had used to reach the inn back to the lot. A man in

a pair of blue overalls was crouched by the front tire of one of the busses. A woman in a dark suit stood

next to him.

“Hey, Dennis!” Allen called. “She ready to roll?” The man sent back a thumbs up, then

straightened and lifted a tool kit up from the ground. As they drew closer, he studied Sylvan.

“He comin’ or goin’?”

“Going,” Allen replied easily. “Just came here to look around. He’s decided the life just

isn’t for him, so...

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