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Weekend Getaways Around Kanpur Essay

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Ghats in Kanpur
Kanpur is intrinsically an industrial city but thanks to being one of the oldest cities in India. Also, the holy river Ganges is known to pass through the city giving it religious significance. Hindu pilgrims are always in search of river banks next to Holy River Ganga where they can gather and get together to perform religious rituals and follow customs. Kanpur is blessed with quite a few Ghats or river banks, where the these pilgrims are known to visit. As a tourist, these Ghats in Kanpur offer a different perspective of the otherwise Industrial city and give it an interesting twist.
There are various Ghats in Kanpur that one can frequent. Here is a list of a few must see Ghats of Kanpur:
Pathar Ghat : This is one of the famous Ghats in Kanpur that tourists have seemed to take a liking in. Right next to city is Bithoor or Brahmavarta which is considered as a center of Hindu pilgrimage. Pathar Ghat is located here in Bithoor next to the river Ganges. This Ghat is famous for the red stone that is used to build it . The ghat was built by Tikaitrai the minister of the Awadh Dynasty. Just like all riverbanks, this place is also considered as a holy bathing ground for pilgrims. Tourists are often amazed by the beautiful architecture of the Pathar Ghat as it is the true reflection of old Indian architecture. All Ghats are generally adorned with small temples and Pathar Ghat is also not an exception to it. There is a small Lord Shiva Temple that stands next to the river, where pilgrims are known to offer puja to Lord Shiva. The most amazing aspect of this temple is that the Shivalinga is made of Kasauti also known as Philosophers stone, which makes the whole temple enchanting.
BrahmavartGhat : This is considered as one of the Holiest and sacred Ghats in the Bithoor region near about Kanpur. The river bank is famous for the wooden slippers of Lord Brahma that are kept next to the river banks. Devotees are known to pay homage to Lord Brahma here near the slippers after taking a batch in the sacred water of the Ganges. The Temple is known to have a peg sticking out of it, this peg is known to be symbol of the axis around which the world is known to revolve. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma is known to come to Utpalaranyato create the human race. The sacred spot where the human race as first created is known as the Brahmavarta also as the seat where Brahma sat . Once human race was created, Brahma installed a Shivalenga here that is known as the Brahmeshwar Mahadeva at the main river bank of Bithoor, commonly known as the Brahmavarta Ghat. There is a nail of the horse that is embedded on the steps of the river bank and holds a special relevance for the devotees. It is believed that this horse...

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