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Weekly Fitness Log Example Physical Education Fitness Log

195 words - 1 page

Week # ___2___

Average Resting Heart Rate: _72 bpm____

(brief description of workout session)
Duration of Session
Average Heart Rate or Perceived Exertion Rate
Health Component of Fitness
(main focus of workout)
Validation (must be handwritten signature of your fitness sponsor or a saved workout to your FitBit Account. If FitBit is your validation be sure to add screenshot of workout information.)

I played a few games of basketball.

114 bpm
Cardio, muscular, endurance

I had tennis practice. (20 minutes of stretch/warmup and 1hr 40 mins of drills/point play)

2 hrs
121 bpm
Cardio, muscular, endurance

I had a long walk, with short periods of sprinting implemented in.


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