Weekly Refection Essay

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Weekly Reflection
The lesson this past week caused me to revisit an area wherein I received specialized training throughout my career as a special agent. I became a special agent in May of 1990, while a member of the United State Air Force. While undergoing the twelve weeks of training I received specialized training in the area of non-verbal communication. The training was identified as behavioral analysis and designed to help with interviewing and interrogations. The training was very beneficial for me when I had to interview potential suspects. The behavioral analysis training focused on determining whether or not someone was being truthful based on their nonverbal communication. According to a study by Albert Mehrabian, 55% on non-verbal communication consists of body movement that includes facial expressions, gestures and posture (Oberg, 51). The training was designed to enable us to ask control questions to solicit truthful responses, and see the nonverbal during those responses. Then, when we asked questions where we expected a lie from the subject, we would see different non-verbal behaviors which were indicative of someone not telling the truth. This was helpful and usually assisted me with soliciting a confession when I could tell a person was lying. These skills were developed throughout my career. However, I must admit that there have been times in my life where possessing these skills have felt like a curse. Specifically, in relationships this training has come into play when I felt like there were some trust issues involved. I usually end up being disappointed when I confirm someone is being dishonest with me. I also realize non-verbal communication is not all about truth or lies. It’s also about simple communication in general. During the class exercise, specifically during the back to back communication, the emphasis of non-verbal communication was apparent. When we were unable to see the other person during the back to back demonstration, there were no cues on when it was one persons turn to speak. The bottom line is that we all produce and perceive nonverbal communication in all of our relationships whether personal or professional, and need to recognize it in order to be effective communicators.
Another area of focus this week was the lesson on persuasion. As a young girl I began using persuasive communication unknowingly. I was raised in a home with four boys and was usually the odd one out. Because I was the second born and acted older than the oldest, I was usually in...

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