Weekly University Report

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First week
Lesson one
How to research

I learned from the first lesson how doing research about a crucial topic, I have certain ways of doing it, whether to go online and visits related websites. The best method of researching to find out the specific topic is by selecting a different type of search engine such as (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask) etc. (Lutherus et al). Each search engine offer us with a different information. Using a Keyword in a search engine will bring up a better result. The reason is to use a different search engine is to make sure that we have the correct information about the topic that we aim to get information about. Incorrect information will lead student fail and not understanding the topic that aim to learn about. Therefore it's important to make sure using different search engine.
I learned how to layout an essay.
I learned how to layout an essay on my project. In the class we had a discussion about how to layout an essay. Each student has given their own opinion about how to layout an essay. I learned that I have to do research about the topic whether online or go to the library and get a book to read about the subject that I want to develop. Also I learned that the start of the page will have to be introduced to give a brief explanation about the specific topic we want to talk about and say that what is the project about, what is important of the project, how the project will be developed and summarizing (Phyllis Crème and Mary R. Lea ).
I learned that teamwork will be easier to do the work.
We had a discussion about team work and explained the purpose of the teamwork. I learned that working as team will help us to complete the complex task easier than its. Also I learned that teamwork will benefit each member of the team by learning new things and sharing ideas. Each member of the each will perform a specific task that has been chosen for him/her to complete. The reason of working as a group of four people is each one of us come up with a different idea which helps to speed up the process. Each person can bring a unique quality to the group which can help towards the success of the team (Rousseau et al 2006).
Second lesson
Research for apps inventor
Introduced to the apps inventor by the professor which he comes into class to discuss an apps inventor. With apps inventor we can gather idea to build an app without knowing any programming code, so typing codes is not necessary with apps inventor also creating an app is free of charge. I believe that an apps inventor makes complex works pretty easy for us, also it saves time for users, which it does not need to learn about all the necessary codes. We discuss that we will go to build maths apps for students from Manchester College, also we will create a presentation to give a brief information about an apps inventor.
Diagnosing time management
In the same lesson I am doing an exercise about diagnosing my time management problems. I went through each...

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