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Weight Gain And Health Essay

1549 words - 6 pages

Kayla Pagan
Mrs. Deal
Weight Gain and Health
Those who are trying to gain weight have to do just as much work or even more
than those who are trying to lose weight. There are certain steps that are needed to
take in order to gain the weight that is wanted. Most people trying to gain weight are
those with high metabolisms. In order to gain weight a person needs to change their
diet, incorporate exercise to stay toned, consider extra supplements that can be taken,
take note of what athletes do to gain weight, and talk to a professional to guide them
through everything. Gaining weight is not always as easy as it sounds but with the right
amount of effort and work, anyone who wants to achieve this can do it.
One of the things that a person who is trying to gain weight needs to do is to
change their diet. What a person eats can affect them in so many different ways. It all
depends on what type of way the person wants to gain weight and how fast they want
results. They have to think whether they want to gain fat or gain muscle. A person could
even want to gain both fat and muscle. One way to be able to gain fat is obviously by
intaking a lot more calories than you are supposed to. In order to find out what calorie
intake is appropriate for a certain age, height, and weight, the website,, is very helpful. Using this website will tell you exactly how much calories is needed for a
specific person and in order to gain a person will need to eat more than the
recommended. One method is to mainly eat foods high in fat or foods that are greasy so
it can help you gain weight faster than any other way possible. Although gaining weight
through fat foods can produce results the fastest, that is not really the healthiest choice
to go with. It can bring many other problems you didn’t have before and it is not the
most recommended choice. According to, if you try gaining weights by
overloading on fats it can “put you at risk for heart disease, heart attack and
cardiovascular disease.” Another way that it is possible to gain weight which is also the
safest is to overeat but with good foods, such as fruits. Although fruits are very healthy,
they also have a lot of sugar which can help you gain weight in a good and natural way.
There is also a specific diet where a person can only eat fruits and vegetables. This can
also help a person gain the weight they want to gain because the main purpose of the
diet is to reset the body to whatever weight is appropriate for it. There was also a
specific diet recommended to by an acupuncturist. What basically was recommended
by Dr. Best was that there are different seasons that a person needs to eat with. Those
four are wood, fire, earth, and water. Each element is supposed to match up with a
certain season of the year. Obviously it is most recommended to eat the certain food in
each category according to season but Dr. Best says that sometimes we tend to eat ...

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