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Weight Of The World Essay

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"Do you want another?" Serena asked, noting both of their empty glasses,

"Hmmm" Ric nodded, he was feeling rather relaxed and had enjoyed the conversation they had engaged in.

"I'll have to open another bottle, but, I don't think I mind" Serena smiled as she got up from the arm-chair and walked over to the sofa where Ric sat, she had not realised how far Ric had his legs stretched out, so after taking the glass from him, she near enough tripped over his legs.

Luckily, Ric could see what was happening and pulled her too, as the glasses fell to the floor. His hands rested comfortably on her waist, as hers ended up on his chest, the rest of her body, slipping into the empty space beside ...view middle of the document...


"What else..."

"I.. I had an interview for a job at the Spire, in Bristol, complete disaster, as I recall, I could have the job, with a pay rise, if I gave the chairman oral sex... I put up a fight, and left, humiliated, that sort of thing stays with you..."

"What did you do after?"

"Ric, stop with the Spanish Inquisition"

Cocking his head slightly, he said nothing, but just held out for a response, he felt certain he had met Serena that night, eleven years ago.

"I went for a drink"

"Did you meet anyone?"

"... No..." Serena lied, she almost did not want Ric to know that she would engage in random encounters, because she knew, full well that she met someone, that night, but she didn't want to believe she met Ric.

"... You see, this woman I met, she had the most amazing eyes, they, were quite something” Ric replied taking his hand to her hair and tracing a line down to just below her shoulder “She had dark hair, to about here... loose waves.. I may have been a bit drunk, but I knew she was beautiful...”

Serena froze, how she didn’t know how he could know that about her hair, she never disclosed photographs of herself, there was not any of her looking like that around the house either. She had met him and he had met her, she had always remembered that night, for one reason and one reason only, but she felt uncertain, she never believed they would find each other again, part of her never wanted to find him again.

“Ric... I...” Resting her forehead on his, she closed her eyes, she could not deny it any longer, she just lingered there for a moment, before allowing their lips to brushes together, the tangible memories flooding back, as their lips locked and their hands took hold of each other

"It really is you" she spoke softly,

"Yes" Ric replied kissing her, in the way that she always longed for.

"The man who kissed me like no other" Her lips met with his again "No one, ever came close... Ric...”

A flurry of kisses washed between them, slow, tender, and soft, their lip contact mirroring that of years before, paralleling all other physical contact they had shared.

"We shouldn't do this" Serena mumbled, "I shouldn't be doing this"

"Then stop" Ric whispered

"I can't help myself" She kissed him again, his lips, his breath, the feel of his tongue against hers. She never pictured herself being intimate with Ric, it was an image he never envisioned either. However, they found themselves back in a moment, a moment they had shared from eleven years in the past. Where in the space of a night they had found each other, provided each other with an undeniable amount of satisfaction, before, they lost each other.

Pulling away, from the lips that caused her heart so much fire, Serena gazed to Ric, his eyes meeting hers, lost, and completely dazzled by her, by the situation. Old desires re-emerged, there was nothing romantic or loving about it, as Serena took Ric's hands from her waist and tugged him up.

Dreamily, looking into each other's...

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