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Weight Related Diseases Essay

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The world’s most epidemic health issue of modern age is all about weight-related problems. As reported, more than half of Americans are either overweight or obese and 25% among the population of children are overweight and 15% are obese. For many years, medical profession has struggled to treat weight-related diseases account for serious cases of deaths annually.

Thus, in US, over 45 million of Americans are members of fitness club and spend over $19 billion on gym membership. Yet, no matter how health conscious they are, the figures of overweight and obesity are dramatically increasing at a stunning pace every year. Over so many years of struggles and failures in losing weight, despite of the rigid fitness and diet programs people are into, none of these has achieved the optimum sane solution for weight management. What must be the problem then? As we try to seek for an answer, this article will reveal the shocking truth behind exercise among overweight and offers a viable approach to the modern and disturbing epidemic of weight-problems.

Results of Exercise to Overweight Women

We must exercise to lose weight: a fact or deception? What if no matter how hard you try to lose weight, nothing happens to your body composition? What happened to the conventional wisdom telling us that exercise offers great deal of benefits in weight management?

Everyone can agree that these questions reflect the greatest source of pain of most people under the frustrating and intractable conditions of controlling weight. Until recently, a significant study about weight loss on heavier women was appeared on the Journal of American Medical Association. According to researches conducted among 34,079 women for the duration of 15 years, one hour of moderate-intensity can be effective to women whose BMI is not more than 25 kg/m2. Nevertheless, women who have BMI 25 or more are destined to fail in their target goal for weight management.

Meanwhile, to give us some enlightenment as to how BMI becomes significant factor in losing weight, let us find out what is the ideal body mass index or BMI that certain individual must maintain.

The Importance of Body Mass Index

Although BMI does not give details about the percentage of body fat, it is considered as best tool to recognize weight problems whether a person is underweight, overweight, or considered obese. The computation of body mass index is the objective scientific calculation of body weight based on height. In order to get the body mass index, just simply divide weight in kilograms by the square root of height in meters.

To have BMI below 20, it means that a person has low amount of body fat. This is quite ideal body mass index for an athlete, but for those people who are not physically active, it is recommended to gain more weight and increase muscle mass. The BMI between 20 and 22 indicates the most ideal amount of body fat. On the other hand, BMI between 22 and 25 is within the...

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