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Weight Trainng For Strength And A Healthy Body

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Weight training is physical activity that involves gaining mass and muscle strength. It is a great way to keep in shape and stay healthy, which is extremely important. In today’s society, there are large amounts of people who do not engage in any type of physical activity and this is a big cause of obesity and other health-related problems. Weight lifting is an excellent form of exercise and by doing this individuals gain benefits such as, lower medical expenses, increased cardiovascular function and increased bone strength.
There is a correlation between obesity and medical expenses. A study from Cornell University states that “obesity now accounts for almost 21 percent of U.S. health care costs -- more than twice the previous estimates” (1). This study reported that an obese person receives medical expenses that are about $3,000 higher than if they were of healthy weight, which is a significant difference (Cornell 1). Obesity puts individuals at risk for a number of health related issues such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, breathing problems and many more. All of these risks associated with obesity are what is causing the increased medical expenses for obese individuals. These medical conditions need to be treated, which include receiving medications and surgery and these costs add up very quickly (Cornell 1). By weight lifting and staying physically fit, individuals avoid these complications and have significantly lower medical expenses. The Cornell University research is using new methods and is trying to provide a strong case to the government so interventions can be implemented to prevent obesity (Cornell 1).
Weight training is very effective regarding cardiovascular function. By performing resistance training, risks for cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease are decreased. As an individual exercises, their cardiovascular functional capacity increases and myocardial oxygen demand decreases (Fletcher 857). Due to this, carrying out everyday functions, such as carrying groceries or lifting moderate to heavy objects becomes easier and performing strenuous activities does not require as much energy (Pollock 832). This is why an individual who exercises more often usually has a lower heart rate than someone who does not exercise. The heart begins to work more efficiently in people that workout. In today’s society there is a wide variety of cardiac problems due to physical inactivity. Even though individuals have cardiac problems, resistance activities are still important. A minimum amount of resistance, such as lightly lifting weights or walking is required so not too much stress is put on the heart. These...

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