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Weird Plant’s On Planet Earth Essay

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What are plants? How have they developed? How do they use developed skills to benefit their life? Plants are always evolving every minute.

Their are very many species of carnivorous plants. There is over 500 species of them. All carnivorous plants more scientifically known as insectivores. Because of their location of living they have developed a strong taste for insects. They capture, devour, and use nutrients from the insects to replace the lack in their ground diet.

The bladderwort is an insectivore. This plant is one of many. This plant has two hundred thirty-three breeds. Just under half of the carnivorous species. The bladderwort is a speedy plant. Not a single human ...view middle of the document...

Picture plants can use insects to eat to bread or to do both. Picture plants are insectivores. Which means they eat insects. Evan sometimes small rodents. The picture plants have varying tricks. Like using scent, sweet nectar, or even making their selves a slippery obstacle. Using these tricks gets them quite the food benefits too. The picture plant is quite the smart insectavora using all these nifty tricks and all. The picture plant is a very adaptive plant it can capture its victims from dangling in the sky, lying in wait on the ground, or even sitting in a tree.

There are a lot of weird plants they cover most of our green earth. They can range in size from small as a flee or to as big as a african elephant.

One of them being the ophrys apifera huds or better known as the bee orchid. The bee orchid lives in dry grassy slopes usually on limestone or waste grounds quarries or gravel pits. the weird adaptation of ophrys apifera huds is the way of pollination. Wasps or bees in a great frenzy to mate don't realize that they are actually pollinating the bee orchids. As you can probably infer the bee orchid is the size of a female wasp/bee.

The dodder Lives in warm climates where plants grow...

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