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Weirdoes Of The West Essay

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Romania is located in the central part of Europe between the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. Other countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria surround it. Its location put Romania in direct contact with the Roman Empire from 106 C.E. to 271 C.E. Romania’s folk-like beliefs, arts, and culture was inspired by its interaction with the thriving Romans in the Common Era which help shape present-day Romania.
Romania was first colonized by a tribe called the Dacians and later came into contact with the conquering Romans and started thriving under Roman rule (Stanford 1839). Under the Romans, the Dacian tribe incorporated their culture and the Romans culture together ...view middle of the document...

(Stanford 1838-1841) Romania joined the European Union in 2007 after Traian Bassescu was elected president (Kurian). Romania is now currently in a period of peace and should stay that way for many years to come.
In Romania, people wear very conservative clothes that show respect to anyone who is older than them. Men wear white pants with a loose shirt and boots whereas girls wear white blouses and skirts with flowered embroidery (Dennis). Woman wear embroidered clothes to show off their embroidery skills and techniques. Many women wear traditional dresses for weddings and have their hair fashioned with flowers, ribbons, and beads (Stanford 1845).
For festivities, people dress up in costumes covered in glass beads and embroidery work to celebrate a new year (Dennis). Certain towns will even decorate a plow and dress up as goats for New Years (Stanford 1847). Many songs are danced to in a circle, semicircle, or a line and (Dennis) the music tends to be mournful (Stanford 1849).‎ Though it is unknown why their music is saddening, many think it is because of the instruments used to create the rhythms. The most common instruments found in folk music are the nai (panpipes), the gorduna (small double bass), the bacium (Long wooden wind like instrument), and the tembal (dulcimer). Romanians use their dances to express their religious beliefs and also to show their skills to other people similar to a dance contest. Romania uses traditional art forms such as wool rugs, pottery and wooden carvings to express religious affiliation (Dennis).
Romanians believe in the connection between spiritual and earthly realms (“Romanian Mythology”). This is where holy figures are believed to be connected with their wood carved idols. Even though they are predominantly Christian, people still worship idols even though it is against the Christian faith. Romania is widely recognized for their respect for one another (Stanford 1846). Daughters and son are taught to respect elders and to listen to whatever they are...

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