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Welch Vs. Sanders: A Compare And Contrast Essay

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One of the most important things about being a manager is handling the many responsibilities while doing all that can be done to effectively achieve the goals of their organization. Managers are the people responsible for the employees under them by making sure the people under them are happy, productive and working together on the company’s goals. They’re also responsible for setting the image of the workplace and presenting the vision of the organization to both their employees and their customers. It’s their job to make the tough decisions and stand by them no matter how difficult they may seem. Managers do with by way of their managing style which explains exactly how a ...view middle of the document...

They cut their losses everywhere else.” He understands that there’s only so much that an organization can spend and wasting recourses on people who can’t or won’t do the job well are a waste of time.
Sander’s also has a very similar way of thinking. In his book “Built to Serve” he has his own chapter on employee differentiation titled, “Telling Players from Fans” In this chapter Sanders compares good, hard-working employees to the players of a sports team; they “know the playbook and take ownership of their role in the overall success of each play.” At the same time he compares employees who only care about their quick recognition and paychecks as fans, people who “like to offer advice, yet an overwhelming majority has never played the game” and “ paint their faces in hopes of catching a television producer’s attention for two or three seconds.” Likewise, Sander’s method of dealing with these “fans” is not very different than Welch’s method; identify the fans as quickly as possible and remove them before they can damage the organization any further.

Just how important is the Vision?
An organization’s vision, or mission statement, is very important. It is the behavior, attitude and driving focus of an organization; presenting the values the employees will focus on when making decisions. This means that the vision should present a clear picture of what the focused goals and values are. In this way both Welch and Sanders agree once more. Both believe that a clear vision sets the organizations on the right track and gives future decisions a sense of what needs to be done. “Knowing and understanding the vision creates a level play-field for an organization’s members and partners.” Sanders states in his book. Both know that the organization’s vision must be communicated clearly for it to be understood without question. “There is too much to lose by not getting your mission straight and by not making it concrete.”
However there is a difference between the two managers here. Unlike Welch, Sanders thinks that an organization’s vision “must be changed and updated when necessary. “Sanders clearly sees that there are times, sometimes in difficult cases, when the vision needs to change in order to deal with the situation at hand. This is different than Welch who has, many times throughout his chapter “Underneath it all: Mission and Values” has used the word ‘concrete’ to describe a mission statement and thinks that changing it will cause trouble. To add to his point he uses other companies who changed went from their original vision and ended up out of business. One of them was Arthur Anderson a once successful auditing firm who collapsed when, during a period of company expansion, split into two. During this split the two sides began arguing over the vision of the company and eventually collapsed in 2002.

People: The Most important Asset
The final thing we’ll discuss today will be...

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