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I was about eleven years old, living my life, having fun ,and going to school .Things was going great , I was living in Cuba at the time until my mother told me we were moving to Canada with my stepdad who she had been married to for over eight years. He wanted us to have a better life or at least that’s how he made it seem. At first I didn’t understand why we had to leave our family behind but because of my age my opinion didn’t seem to matter. Coming into the country with a different mindset, I thought it would be easy for me to communicate with people and making new friends, school would be easy, and adapting to a new lifestyle wouldn’t be too difficult .This at first made a huge impact in my life academically, socially, and mentally.
On October 29, 2012 as we were boarding the plane to Canada. I was excited since it was my very first time been inside an airplane and I was going to a very different country. In Cuba, the people are ruled by a communist government meaning everyone is equal in wealth, and basically everything. Which means that the people get enough to provide for the family and on the side, but not enough to be able to save between a reasonable amount of time, in order to buy a plane ticket to another country especially for a vacation. So leaving Cuba was honestly overwhelming because it was not a common occurrence and I did not expect it. Everything was fun, exciting and adventurous until the plane landed, and then I had realized how far I was from and the culture and tradition I grew up with. The biggest barrier I had occurred when i exited the plane , it was the realization that the little amount of English I learned was not enough to keep up a conversation with someone in Canada. This was the beginning of my new exciting life and little did I know it was going to be a struggle .The very first week living with my mother and my stepdad, well, it was somehow messed up. At first, I was not used to my mother being around all the time in Cuba, because of her work and the schedule she built around it, so it was very different and sometimes awkward. To our surprise everything my stepdad had ever promised us, that better life, was just a lie. He turned out to be an alcoholic who would abuse my mother physically and verbally, and since she never really understood anything because we were in Canada and couldn’t differentiate the normal from the abnormal things like we would do if we were in Cuba, we were unable to really understand how inhumanely he was treating her. I slowly stared getting depressed, I started missing my family, especially my grandmother who always supported me and was there by my side even when my mother couldn’t because of work, I also missed my friends because I didn’t really have friends when I started schooling here. After a full month in Canada, things hadn’t really changed and since it wasn’t improving for the better, and was only getting worse, my mother made the best decision for both of us and...

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