Welcome To The World Of Talley's Observations

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Welcome to the World of Talley’s Observations

To those of you who may have read my first article New Definitions for Words Used and Misused, I want to extend a hearty welcome to the World of Tally’s Observations.

In the process of further clarification of purpose,
I will present the mission of my articles and the introduction of a directory of addresses of subject matter which occupies real estate along the informational highway in Tally’s World to expedite and enhance your reading experience.
The mission of my articles is to present the reader with a collection of varied case studies, surveys and other analytical documents and offer my observations and commentary.
The directory of addresses of subject matter in Tally’s World is as follows.
1)18 Linguistic Way-Home of the directories of case studies of the English Word Usage in the USA.
2)15 Motivational Parkway-Directories of case studies on inspirational words, phrases and thoughts in the USA.
3)32 Home Run Drive-Directories of case studies on how the public feels about sport heroes in the USA.
4)74 House of Events Circle-Directories of case studies on current events and the citizens of the USA view them.
5)81 Bonus Ave.-Directories on case studies of executive salaried compensation in the USA.
6)44 Humans Business St.-Directories on case studies on human interest issues in the USA.
7) Losers and Winners Strip-Directories of case studies on pallor games in the USA.

The driver of the Tally Coach informed me that they scheduled two stops in this article which are as follows,
44 Humans Business St.
81 Bonus Ave.

The case study that was made available to the passengers at 44 Humans Business St. by the management was the following.
What works in Youth Media from around the World?
By Sheila Kinkaid,
Christy Marcy
Produced by International Youth Foundations
I will present you with a brief summary of the aforementioned study.
The study chronicles the extraordinary accomplishments of youth around the world in the media arena under the most trying of circumstances.
I will highlight several of them to wet your...

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