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“There is no going back. Bend like the grass, that you do not break” (Markandaya 28). The character Nathan, in Nectar in a Sieve written by Kamala Markandaya accepts change and “bends like the grass”. But the main protagonist, Rukmani, resists change at first. She believes it is better to fight back. Eventually she comes to realize however, change can be good and bad. Markandaya believes it is better to accept what cannot be changed rather than resist it and this is shown throughout her writing.
In Nectar and a Sieve, Rukmani is the main protagonist. Therefore, it can be argued Rukmani’s views are parallel to Markandaya’s because Markandaya has created this character from her own ...view middle of the document...

She finds herself relying on him both physically and emotionally. He teaches them how to earn money and he offers her comfort after Nathan dies. Rukmani’s acceptance of change at the end of the book proves Markandaya believes it is better to accept change.
The end of Nectar in a Sieve also has a pleasant tone. In the beginning of the book, there were many unsettling and disturbing events littered throughout the chapters. But at the very end, a kind of peace comes over Rukmani as she accepts change and her fate. She says, “So good to be home at last, at last” (Markandaya 186). In the quote she is happy because she is home, even with the changes the tannery brought. This makes the end of the story happy despite Nathan’s death and all the other tragic events. If the story had ended in a bad way after Rukmani accepted change, then it would be conceivable to hypothesize that Markandaya does not advocate the acceptance of change. Yet that is not how the story ends. Yes, it ends with the tragic death of the main protagonist’s husband, but Rukmani is at peace. She is back at her home, where the changes in her life began and she is happy. She has brought a new boy home from the city, whom she takes in as a son (Markandaya 186). The addition and acceptance of a new person in her family is a dramatic change for Rukmani, yet...

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