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Welfare And Pogressive Tax Rates Essay

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A government’s effectiveness is based upon how well it is able to help its people on all spectrums of society so I believe that the United States should adopt certain aspects of a welfare state similar to the Europeans and also have more progressive tax rates. I believe that universal health care and education are essential parts in a welfare state while some other programs like unemployment benefits are not as important. First I will first explain why the government has a moral responsibility to help the people they govern. Next, how the European healthcare system is much more effective than the Americans and we should adopt how they provide healthcare for their people. Then I will explain why we should improve our welfare programs to help education similar to the Europeans. And finally, why the Unites States should be more progressive and raise taxes and also cut some welfare programs to help the economy.
Those against having a welfare state are against such state in the principle that people freedoms are violated. They believe that people have absolute rights to their property and may use it as they wish. While this is a solid argument and I believe that property rights are very important, there is a moral issue here that has higher importance than being able to whatever with ones property. Lets have a hypothetical millionaire named Sally. Now Sally lives very comfortably, she has food, is able to provide for her children’s education, has health care, and many benefits she pays for herself. But then we have her neighbor Bob who’s working but is still below the poverty line. He can’t afford to pay for his own food, children’s education, and healthcare and etc. Before I continue lets examine one’s right to live. We all know that murder is wrong; philosophers have provided examples as to why murder is morally wrong and our own moral values tell us as to why murder is wrong. Now who protects your right to live? A government. They enforce your right to live using laws and the police, and etc. A major part of the Government job is to protect the moral rights of the people they govern. Looking back at Sally and Bob in relation to murder, living in the same country, it is a functioning government’s responsibility to help both Sally and Bob from being murder and in our topic of welfare the government morally should helping those who can’t provide for themselves and other aspects such as education and healthcare. A government has a moral obligation like is does to protect against murder, to provide of benefits. While murder and healthcare are on to different extremes, a government’s effectiveness is based upon how well is it able to provide for all extremes. And why limit the government in doing the best it can to provide for its people. Moral values are much more important than property rights and should be reinforced by the government.
As I mentioned above, the government should provide healthcare. Many countries in Europe have been available to...

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