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Welfare And Unemployment Drug Testing Essay

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Before the economy started to make its rebound not too long ago, many people were losing their jobs that they had held for some time. Many of these people applied to the government for some sort of financial help, due to many people having house payments, car payments, along with everyday necessities to pay for, and not having their income. Some of these people are still on aid programs such as welfare, and many Americans are worried that the funds for these type of programs will not last and are only putting our government into debt farther then they already are. I will discuss whether or not recipients of benefits from programs funded by the government should have to undergo drug testing ...view middle of the document...

However, many Americans, myself included, believe that if they were to be required to undergo drug testing to be on these programs it would prevent wrongful use of the money and potentially even stop the moochers from abusing the system. Financial aid should be strictly used for the aid in purchasing essential needs. This includes food, bodily care products, and having money to make payments on a house or car to be able to live and get around while looking for a job.
The Associated Press published on February 24, 2012 that conservatives who say welfare recipients should have to pass a drug test in order to receive government aid have momentum on their side. Many say that this will decrease the amount of money the government has to put into these programs. The issue even coming up in a presidential debate, with the then front runner Mitt Romney saying that it is an excellent idea. Others argue that even if drug testing was imposed for these programs, it would be far too costly for our government putting it in greater debt.
However after doing some research of my own, drug tests cost about 30-35 dollars. We would also have to hire the people to administer the drug test and such, this would help improve the economy by creating jobs, but would also create more government debt because they would more than likely be government employees. The state would pay for the tests, unless the person fails then they would be paid for by that person. If an average of 20 people failed a drug test a month throughout the entire state it would total about $8,000.00. That would be almost a...

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