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Welfare Fraud Essay

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July 4th, 1776 was a date that set forth many new opportunities for our nation. The United States of America gained its independence, won the revolutionary war, and had its first president. This event was only the beginning of many cornerstones America would face. Throughout time, America has evolved and is now known for its outstanding government. A great thing about America's government is the taxation system. Each American has a certain amount of money taken out of their check, to fund government organizations such as hospitals, fire departments, or welfare. The first two organizations benefit every American, but what about the third? Welfare is money used to help Americans who ...view middle of the document...

Each month, the bank could review where they spent the money that was issued. If most of the money was spent on items such as make-up, hair products, perfume, or eating out at expensive restaurants, a warning could be issued. If the transactions reveal that their spending habits have not changed within the next month, welfare privileges may be revoked. Some may argue that this would take too much time. However, the economy has experienced a few major setbacks recently. The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the unemployment rate is at least 3 % higher now than it was in the early 2000s (Macrotrends). Hiring specialists to review the family’s welfare usage in their area, could lead to several more jobs. This leads to more money, creating more profit to help the unstable economy. It would also make the unemployment rate go down, and Americans could be at ease knowing that welfare fraud is being reduced.
American society today, as we know it, is very busy. To make a living, they have to go to work each day, take care of their children, pay bills, and be prepared for any catastrophic event that comes their way at any time. Perhaps this is why welfare fraud is very frustrating to American’s who work a tough 40 hour work week. Some earn just enough income to provide for his or her family. “The government spends roughly 131.9 billion dollars each year on welfare, not including food stamps or unemployment (Statistic Brain).” So, it is not only unsatisfying, but unfair to be stripped of their hard earned money to provide for others who use that money for unnecessary things, such as drugs. These substances should not be purchased by anyone, especially those who do not have the money to spend in the first place. They are unhealthy, and lead to constant hospital stays, or dental visits, which costs America more money if the patient can’t afford to pay those medical bills. If the government hires specific people to track recipient’s spending habits, they should also administer mandatory drug tests at random. If they have the chemicals in their system, welfare should be denied. This will put many hardworking American’s at ease, knowing that the money they donate is being put to good use. This will also reduce the chances of welfare being misused in the future.
In addition to a wonderful government system, America also makes billing much easier for each citizen today than in the past. We have direct deposit, which allows money earned from a job to be automatically transferred into their checking account. Each citizen no longer has to receive a check in the mail, and then cash it or put it into their bank account...

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