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Welfare Creates More Welfare In The United States

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Welfare creates more welfare in the United States.
About three out of five people depend on welfare in the United States. Many people in the United States depend on the help of welfare and forget about finding a job and earning an honest living for them selves. Yet, the people who mostly deserve welfare do not get it. It is given to people that have bad and disgusting habits such as, drugs, laziness, and no jobs. It is not fair to the people that are actually in need of the help such as, disabled and the elderly. It is important for people in the United States to know that this is a serious issue that needs to be attended to. It is not right that people who are on drugs and are just unwilling to find a job to be supported by the welfare. However, many people are stuck on the idea of keeping welfare around in the United States. It is better to not have welfare for the sake of fairness and equality of all in the United States.
First of all, welfare has become a dependent factor for well able people to work. People all over the Untied States have become fully dependent on welfare, they do not have the need to find a job when supported by welfare. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said, “ The welfare system has made it harder for people to climb up the economic ladder.” This means that welfare has made it harder for people with jobs, to make more money. Newt Grinch, also states “Welfare places an unfair burden on the workers who must pay for the welfare program.” People are not happy that they have to pay for people on welfare. The way they see it is, it is not their fault they are not able to fend for them selves.
Second of all, many people on welfare have been using their aid for other purposes such as, drugs. Welfare advocates have been caught using their money on things besides helping them selves. Now, with welfare drugs tests are being issued. This will help the welfare with knowing who is the one that should be aided and who is not. People who refuse to take the test will be refused help by the...

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