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Welfare: The Government's Failure Essay

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The United States Government has pumped more than $3.5 trillion U.S. taxpayer dollars into welfare but, ironically, the poverty rate is higher than when they started (Tanner, Welfare Reform). This outrageous amount of money proves that welfare will lead United States into debt. The original intent of current welfare benefits has failed; therefore the national welfare system must be reformed. To fully understand how to reform the welfare system Americans must know what the history of welfare is, illegitimate births’ obvious connection to crime and welfare, how welfare has failed to keep the poverty rate down, the great problem of dependency, and finally what reforms must be made. Welfare reforms will greatly help this Nation become stronger and have a more secure future.
The history of welfare has been a short story. This is a short summary of welfare history from Micheal Katz’s article The American Welfare State. AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) was around the 1970’s, and it was the first modern welfare division but after a reform in the 1990’s TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) rose out of the remains of AFDC. After the reform the people on welfare went down, momentarily, but the poverty rate stayed steady. Since then there have not been many changes (Katz).
Michael Katz of the University of Pennsylvania defines welfare in this quote “The welfare state is how a society insures against the risks inherent in human life - unemployment, poverty, sickness, and old age - that in one way or another confront everyone.” (Katz). Accordingly the United States’ citizens and government has been thought of as charitable, but unfavorably, government intervention might be altering United States’ citizens’ charitable reputation. The government has achieved controlling dominance in this field as in so many others. But being a “charitable” nation the United States has trouble speaking out against social welfare, in case the United States look like they are uncaring for the poor. But there are many reasons why the citizens can criticize social welfare, and at the same time still uphold and emphasize the United States caring spirits toward the unfortunate. But before the nation can fix social welfare we must look at what is wrong with it (Gentry).
Welfare is a massive fault in the United States Government system. But it can be fixed through careful examination and diagnosis. The worst kind of parenting for the children in being born out of wedlock, but forty percent of births in 2012 alone were out-of-wedlock, and over seventy percent for African Americans (Clegg). The reason for all these illegitimate births is welfare. It reassures the single mothers that they will be able to support themselves. Micheal Tanner of Cato Institute reports “…the evidence of a link between the availability of welfare and out-of-wedlock births is overwhelming. There have been 13 major studies of the relationship between the availability of...

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