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Welform Reform And Basic Human Needs

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Welfare is a great incentive program to help the ones in need, to maintain basic human needs. Over time people have started to misuse the system. The program is created for the ones who worked really hard or can't work because of any physical or mental challenge. Many Americans on Welfare today, don't want to work, and collect free money from the government. The homeless that are on the streets deserve it more than anyone. Our country is aware, but we are not taking action, we need to step up and end this immorality. Welfare should be reformed, because many people are abusing it, its putting our government in debt, and giving away tax money from paychecks of the ones who work. However, ...view middle of the document...

If we start doing this it will reduce the amount of people who are taking a good amount of money from Welfare. It is hard to prove this because there is no law for how many kids someone can have. Regardless this is putting our economy in harm for upcoming generations. Giving more education will certainly help solve a part of it.
According to Welfare Statistics, our government spends $131.9 billion dollars annually after Welfare. This money does not include, food stamps, unemployment, and subsidize housing. This is the most spent money in our governments annually spending’s. According to the Census Bureau, welfare pays more than minimum wage in 35 states. Welfare is overpaying many Americans, which rewards an unethical lifestyle. Many low-income jobs pay minimum wage, so if you have a choice, to sit home and get free money, or work Twelve-hour shifts and make the same amount what would you choose? It’s that simple, when you are getting the same amount for sitting home it’s the obvious choice. This is why we need to reform our Welfare system and we need to make it more real. Also stated, that more people were on Welfare than had a full time job. In the fourth quarter of 2011 for every 1 person who had a full time job there was 1.07 people who were collecting from the government in some way. This statistic shows how much money we are giving out versus how many people are actually working. Can you believe it our country just 3 years ago had a time where we had more people getting free money than earning their money? However the money these people are receiving is partially from our taxes, which is why we need to put an end to this.
I see my parents work hard night in night out, and from working hard taxes gets cut from there paycheck, which is given to people don’t want to work. It is injustice to see them work so hard, and give up some of the money they earned to people who want free money at their hands. The Government has to stop rewarding unethical people and let the people who work hard keep it. A solution to this problem would be letting the taxpayers decide where exactly the money goes, given choices. Another thing they could do is reform the system so you are required to do service or be working in order to receive the money from the government. The solution to putting away America's debt isn't to continually raise taxes...

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