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Well Known Women From Illinois Essay

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The women from Illinois are different and unique in their own way. Learning about a few of the famous women from Illinois might help to understand the many different people who have lived in Illinois. Even though Betty White was mainly known for her acting she was also a writer. Betty White, Veronica Roth, and Catherine Yates are some of the many interesting and important women from Illinois.
Betty White
Betty White was the only child of Horance and Tess White; when Betty was two years old her family moved to Los Angeles (“Betty White” Biography para. 3). She was born on January 17, 1922 in Oak Park, Illinois, and she is ninety-two years old (“Betty White” Biography para. 1). Her birth name is Betty Matian White (“Betty White” TV para. 1). After she remarried she changed her full name to Betty Marion White Ludden (“Betty White” Biography para. 1). White has been married three times: Dick Barker, Lane Allen, and Allen Ludden (“Betty White” TV para. 3). Her husband, Allen Ludden, is deceased (“Betty White” TV para. 3). Betty’s three step kids are Sarah Ludden, Martha Ludden, and David Ludden (“Betty White” TV para. 3).
Betty has won 9 awards and has been nominated for twenty-two awards (“Betty White” TV para. 4). White has a Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame (“Betty White” TV para. 2). She is also in the Television Hall of Fame (“Betty White” TV para. 2). One of the many awards White won was the TV Land Pop-culture award; White also won a Daytime Emmy as outstanding Host for Just Men in 1983 (“Betty White” TV para. 2).
In 1949, at the age of 27, Betty had her first television job as an assistant at KLAC (“Betty White” TV para. 2). KLAC was a local news station (“Betty White” TV para. 2). In the 1950s White began her first television show, Life with Elizabeth (“Betty White” Biography para. 4). She created the show, Life with Elizabeth, with George Tibbles (“Betty White” Biography para. 4). “He wrote and I produced,” Betty White told The Hollywood Reporter (“Betty White” Biography para. 4). “I was one of the first women producers in Hollywood” Betty also committed (“Betty White” Biography para. 4).
Betty plays sweet and naive Rose in 1980’s sitcom, The Golden Girls (“Betty White” Biography para. 7). When The Golden Girls ended in 1992 White appeared in Golden Place, but after Golden Place she appeared in many different television series (“Betty White” Biography para. 8). Some of these shows are The United States Steel Hour, Petticoat, and Tonight Show (“Betty White” Biography para. 4). THe talk show host of the Tonight Show ,Jack Paar, considered Betty to be his favorite (“Betty White” Biography para. 4). In 1961 Betty White met her third husband Allen Ludden on Password in 1961 (“Betty White” Biography para. 4). Betty only signed for the pilot, but later joins the crew (“Betty White” Biography para. 10). She told Newsweek “It’s Just a terrific show. The chemistry between the girls is so great” Betty White said (“Betty White” Biography para....

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