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Well Written Paper On Why The Atkin's Diet Is So Popular!!

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Why is the Atkins Diet So Popular?Today, if one were to drive and look at nearly any fast food establishment they might pass, they would very likely see some type of an advertisement containing the phrase "Atkins friendly." Large, well-known fast food restaurants such as Burger King and Subway have joined in on the recent Atkins craze by developing new menus that cater to the Atkins diet philosophy; low-carbohydrate, high protein meals. It's highly possible that if that same person were to visit their local grocery store, they would also discover the swell of "Atkins friendly" foods. Most grocery stores across the country have now devoted an entire section of their store to just Atkins type foods. Recently, Dr Atkins' book New Diet Revolution passed the thirty million mark for number of copies sold; a book that describes in detail how to achieve weight loss through the Atkins diet. Depending on the source, it is now estimated that twelve to fifteen percent of the United States population is on some form of Atkins diet. So, just why is this high protein, low carbohydrate diet so well-liked among Americans? The Atkins way of life is popular because one can consume foods that are prohibited by other diets, the cravings associated with the Atkins diet are very minimal, and the diet seems to be a very successful way to lose weight.One major difference found in the Atkins diet is the ability for someone to eat foods that are prohibited in many other low-calorie diets. The Atkins method is often referred to as the "meat, cheese, and egg diet." These three foods make up the bulk of the diet. Dr. Atkins seemed to have stood the food pyramid as we know it on its head. At the bottom of the Atkins pyramidDoyle 2is steak and eggs; not bread, rice, and pasta. Many people find difficulty in sticking to low-calorie diets because of the cravings that come along with them. People often yearn for steak, bacon, and cheese. These types of food are prohibited by low-calorie diets. However, they are quite alright under the "rules" of the Atkins diet. Because of the reduction in cravings, it's much easier to stick to Dr. Atkins methods of weight loss.Besides being able to eat foods commonly prohibited by other diets, another very positive and attractive feature to the Atkins diet is the claim that after the initial...

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