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Wellbeing And Depression In Old Age

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Wellbeing and Depression in Old Age in Context of Gender

The WHO constitution expects the highest attainable standard of health and enshrines it to be very fundamental right of every human being. This fundamental right includes the physical as well as psychological health that is available within time, is acceptable, is affordable and is also qualitative. This means that one must have the conditions like better health services, safe and healthy working conditions, adequate housing and healthier diet.1
No doubt that the right to health has led to greater longevity and benefited older people who have longer and healthier lives today. However older people are still being denied their rights to adequate health care and the primary health care services are rarely age-friendly. Many a times older people, find these services being refused to them, just because be they are too old2. In Zambia, many older people reported that the health staff is and disrespectful and neglecting. They are also told that they have lived their time and should not consume and waste the medicine which can be used by the young.3 A study of five Asian countries concludes that there is no geriatric expertise available in rural and tsunami affected areas in India, Cambodia and Vietnam.4The studies also show that women generally live longer than men, and this also means that women who live life over 60 years of age, live more years in ill-health than men.5
If food, shelter and clothing is all what is needed by human being, then why should the aging adults who get all these facilities crib over their situations? Is there something else which bothers them and is being overlooked by the family and society? The present study is an attempt to find out the wellbeing and depression in aging adults and also to study the gender differences between the same.
The main objectives of study were as under-
1. To study the wellbeing and prevalence of depression in aging adults (60- 80 years of age).
2. To study the correlation between wellbeing and depression.
3. To study the significance of difference in depression and wellbeing between males and females.
The hypothesis were as under-
1. The subjective wellbeing of aging adults is satisfactory.
2. There is no prevalence of depression in aging adults.
3. There is no co-relation between depression and well being.
4. There is no significant difference in depression among males and females.
5. There is no significant difference in wellbeing among males and females.
Research tools
The Geriatric Depression Scale ( GDS) is self report assessment was used to identify depression in the aging adults. It consist of 30 items. It was first developed in 1980 by J.A. Yesavage and others. The questions are answered in either 'yes' or 'no', hence the scale is simple and can be even filled by an individual who is ill or moderately cognitively impaired. This scale is commonly used as a routine...

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