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Health And Human Services Essay

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Health and Human Services

Social Work is growing now a day due because of poverty, which is why there is a big
demand for social workers. It is a very dedicated job and stressful at the same time. Social work
is for people who want to help people, also because of all the clients you ended up having some
of the client’s do not appreciate what you are doing for them and get violent start threaten you, or
getting physical. Some social workers have so much work that they even have to work weekends
and night hour’s just to catch up with the work load. They do get lots of clients so there is lots of
work to be done, these is another reason why is very stressful job.

We need more social workers of all kinds for example; justice, hospitals, clinics, family
and teenagers, hospice, adults, jails, public health, and school social worker, mental health, child
protective agencies and substance abuse social workers. Being a social worker you can go into
lots of different fields not just on one degree but different ones. Also you help all kinds of
different people races, beliefs, and situations. Social workers are a huge part of our community
everywhere because they help us in lots of ways and get us to where we need to go.

A social worker does the most challenging job she or he has to be able to solve problems
and be good at it. He or she has to have a trust and connection with the client, especially with
children at risk and young people of our community. They have a unique role that will let those
help families in need. The family will look at you for guidance and help them make the right
decision. Being a social worker is very important to children’s lives and satisfying on a personal

There is a job everywhere for a social worker it can be in a clinic, hospital, government
like welfare, court, jails or for an independent organization like a fostering agency. The role will
vary from working at a home to managing adoption, foster care process, helping children at
school with problems or facing problems due to an illness in the family. Social workers are
highly qualified people every social worker has to hold a professional qualification in social
work, either a three year degree of a two year master’s.

A social worker can also work with elderly clients since we all get old but as our
population grows we need more gerontological (the branch of science that deals with aging and
the problems of aged person). Social workers work with active healthy older adults and also with
the ones that are ill weather they are in a day care, nursing homes to mental health centers. There
are a number of older adults with heart failure (HP) and need more information about how to
cope with this condition. Since the results suggest that people with HP faces many challenges,
like formal health care...

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