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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Behavioral Health Counselor

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The paper will summarize the roles and responsibilities of a behavioral health counselor and provide current models of wellness and resiliency. Behavioral health counselors must be able to function in a face-paced primary care environment.
Wellness and Resiliency Model
When working with diverse populations it is vital as counselors to consider the whole person and be sensitive to cultural norms during the delivery of treatment services (“The role,” n.d.). This process can be confusing to clients and counselors provide structure to the nature and purpose of counseling. During the assessment phase of treatment, counselors distinguish the presenting problem, nature, severity, and duration of the consumer (Gladding and Newsome, 2013). As well as assess the level of readiness and motivation for change and be knowledgeable with tasks and interventions strategies on each level of development with age, gender, cultural background, psychosocial stressors, and level of functioning. For example, resistant consumers who are court ordered to attend treatment can either enhance or detract physically, psychologically, and emotionally by physical settings. Some methods used by counselors can anticipate, accept and strengthen relationship, use persuasion, or confront the situation with resistant clients depending on counselor training (Gladding and Newsome, 2013).
It is important counselors provide the most effective treatment, especially with interventions and techniques, through empirical evidence of efficacy of counseling. It is the responsibility of counselors to integrate research and practice of intervention selected coincides with standards of care. In Washington State, regional support networks are established to determine membership on a governing board and advisory committees, including tribal authorities to be a party to agreements and provide culturally competent services to tribes being served under the law RCW 71.24.300 (“Regional support networks,” n.d.). Another important Washington state law set by federal, state, and local rules and regulations is RCW 71.24.400 which stipulates community mental health services delivery system avoid administrative layering, duplication, eliminate process measures not required by federal government for receipt of federal funds, and reduce administrative costs (“Streamlining delivery system,” n.d.).
Several authors concur there is similarity between advocacy and consultation in the areas of basic counseling skills, problem-solving, acting on behalf of clients, and appropriate client services to the oppressed and marginalized (Moe, Perera-Diltz, and Sepulveda , 2010). Counselors who understand the importance of Native American cultural identity and the developmental process are better equipped to deliver services to client’s needs, goals, and concerns (Garrett & Pichette, 2000). Consultation and social advocacy can be viewed as entering the client’s worldview and being sensitive to making any assumptions on...

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