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INTRODUCTIONOver the past 20 years there have been efforts by government and campaign groups to invigorate cycling as a viable alternative travel option, with these efforts being up-weighted in the past decade. The result is that there is considerable evidence of increasing participation as cycling on the road in the UK has increased by 12% over the last 10 years.The British Cycling Economy Report, 2011, LSE, British Cycling and Sky states that cycling is becoming a viable travel option.In 2013 the Mayor published his vision for cycling in London as part of the Olympic Legacy for all Londoners. As the Mayor has succinctly stated"Among the greatest joys of London's Olympics were our triumphs in cycling. I today announce that the main cross-London physical legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games will be a proper network of cycle routes throughout the city, a substantial increase in cycling, and all the benefits - fitness, enjoyment and easy travel for millions, cleaner air and less traffic for all - that will follow."The priorities that need to be addressed include health and safety for cyclists and the utilisation of the existing road space. The Mayor has put aside £930M to address these issues within the boroughs in London.This paper outlines the challenges posed to safer cycling on the existing road network and how these can be mitigated with new and innovative approaches.CHALLENGES TO SAFER CYCLING IN LONDONCycling on the road has increased by 12% on the road in the UK in the last 10 years (See figure 1). There is a National Cycle Network covering some 14,700 miles across the UK which has been a catalyst for reversing the decline in walking and cycling for almost 20 years. London has seen the biggest boom with over 110% increase since 2000 (see figure 2).There are a number of challenges being faced by transport planners, one of which is that there are existing roads forming the network linking the differing areas within the city. It is this network which is now nearing its capacity is being shared by buses, cyclists, HGVs, motorised users, taxis and vans.The Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), London's TfL-controlled main roads, have some provision for bus lanes, bus priorities, cycle lanes and cycle super highways. The number of cyclists on the roads has increased whether it involves cycling to and from work, a local ride to the market or riding for pleasure. The trend has noticeably upward since 2000.Provision of a safer routes for cyclists to traverse has now gained momentum with cycling lobbies and with the funding from TfL.The design of proper cycling facilities...

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