Wellness: Consultation And Prevention Program Paper

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AbstractThis assignment investigates the need for a project that would create a wellness program and other related services for the employees of a local organization: the XYX fitness club. This paper will examine the need for such program, the planning, the evaluating, and the implementation part. Part of the initial investigation includes a research, an interview with the general manager, a questionnaire compiled by the employees, and the data review.The XYX fitness club is a multi-sport facility located on the north side of Chicago. It serves a large community by providing tennis, racquetball, swimming, and other fitness services to its members. Over eighty people between full-time and part-time members of staff are employed at this establishment. Most full-time employees are middle class earners, over forty years old, working over forty hours per week. It is not uncommon for staff members to work up to seventy hours in a single week. The need for a wellness program was determined through a program evaluation. The planning and the implementation followed.Many employees thought of health as being solely the absence of physical illness. Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being. "Wellness in any dimension, is not a static goal but a dynamic process of change and growth" that may be developed in order to achieve overall wellness (Insel & Roth, 2008). Developing a health promotion program in the workplace could positively affect the employees' performances as well as the overall well being. Stress in the workplace is a very contemporary topic examined and analyzed by scientists, medical experts, and companies' executives. While stress can happen to anyone or anywhere, stress in the workplace is a most common phenomenon since we spend almost 25% of our adult lives working. When employees are faced with prolonged and excessive stress, they will be prone to experience a range of physical and emotional health problems that could affect their health as well as their performance at work. Stress management might include exercising, good eating habits, meditation, yoga, and enhancing spiritual guidance. Implementing a wellness program in the workplace would provide the individuals with an optimal workout at any fitness level. The program would help people achieve their personal health goals including losing or maintain their weight through proper fitness and nutrition. It would also provide safe, effective workouts and educate workers on a variety of health, mental well-being, and fitness related topics. While helping people become healthier can produce a big payoff, many companies do not recognize the important role they can play in creating a culture of wellness in the workplace. There are many benefits of investing in employee wellness programs. The cost and time commitment to implement a workplace wellness program can be as little or as much as the company chooses based on goals and...

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