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What is Corporate Wellness? Corporate wellness programs are designed to help employers to be acclimated into wellness through their work environment. These wellness programs will help many companies attract and keep their employees healthy at the same time, along with reduce the cost of healthcare within the company. When there is “healthier employees,” then lower healthcare plans for the company.
“According to "BusinessWeek," Scotts Miracle Grow instituted a corporate wellness program, after the company realized that 20 percent of its net profits were spent on providing healthcare. When companies reduce their health plan this not only helps them, but it also helps their employees to lower ...view middle of the document...

By utilizing these online programs, it can help treat each employee and their concerns sensitively and within a timely manner.
There are many alternative programs and plans that will help tailor to each individuals health issues and these programs and plans are designed to give the most update information in treating individuals with their own health issues, which most times they can be treated with exercise and diet that is implemented in these times of wellness programs. These Wellness programs will be most successful when the company and its employees are completely committed in the programs with good health in mind, because when it comes to good health alone that is not the complete answer, one must also create a healthy environment.
My thoughts are that corporate wellness is necessity as well a vital solution to the help end the solution to healthcare cost. Wellness is also one of the best investments that in a company can make, because they must not only invest in the company itself, but in the lives of the people that make their company a great success. Wellness will ensure that the company’s environment is a safe, and the physical needs are met, along with the mental and healthy environment for its employees. Again this will help improve productivity and spend less money on the healthcare industry and not being so concerned about the return on investment for the company, but for lives of their employees that help make the company.
It is very important that companies provide Corporate Wellness solutions for their employees and make sure that they are maintaining safety and wellness techniques that will encourage their employees to healthy lifestyles and this will help keep an up to date on health statistics be aware of ways to encourage specific wellness issues.
It is also vital that a corporation has an on-site fitness club, because it is necessary that the corporation employs individuals who have the proper credentials to properly train and maintain a safety environment for the wellness center. This will help ensure and give an incentive that the will participate in the wellness programs, because there must be some type of motivation or incentive for them to want to be a part of the wellness program. Companies must provide incentives such as a free lunch or even a complimentary day off, this will boost the participation in the wellness programs. This will in term be a good return investment for the employee and the employer.
Employees are one of the most important individuals in a company. They make up the productivity and insure the success of the company. In our society today we need to make sure that every employee is in good health and up to speed with knowledge, skills, and new technology. It is necessary for the company employees to obtain a healthy workplace so that they will be competent and alert in the workplace. This will help the company to be more productive and competitive with other companies and organizations. It is...

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