Health Psych Cfs And Fm (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Fibromyalgia)

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A study conducted by Dykman and Tone (1998) took 50 subjects with a physician's diagnosis of fibromyalgia (FM) and or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and interviewed them with a structured interview form. Nine months later, a follow up interviews was completed. In addition, all subjects in the study had previously received some form of medical treatment (massage therapy, biofeedback, physical therapy, etc) before taking the nutritional supplements but with no lasting success.CFS has been thought of as a variant of the more serious FM .CFS and FM share these same symptoms: recurrent low grade fever swollen glands, sore throat, forgetfulness, confusion, inability to think /concentrate, depression and irritability. Additional symptoms of FM not found in CFS are: chronic and or acute pain in neck shoulders and back and hip, morning stiffness and aching, hypersensitivity to cold / heat, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, swelling in the hands and feet, anxiety and or depression and lack of restful sleep, sleep disturbance / disorders. (Dykman & Tone, 1998). FM is characterized by greater muscle and fibrous tissue pain and CFS by greater fatigue and depression. Although both conditions lack any cure CFS is more apt to improve with time and treatment when compared to FM. (Dykman & Tone, 1998).This study used 48 females and 2 males with a physician's diagnosis of FM and or CFS that were drawn from a national nutritional meeting (25 had FM diagnosis, 12 CFS diagnosis and 13 had both diagnoses). Ninety- seven percent were Caucasian. Every subject was interviewed by a health care professional. Previously every subject had tried at least one traditional therapeutic method.However, before the first interview all 50 subjects had been taking nutritional supplements for at least one month. Subjects were asked to self-rank their own symptoms on a 21-symptom questionnaire of CFS and FM using a four-point scale (1= mild to 4 = debilitating). The average ranking before taking nutritional supplements was 3.5. The second follow up interview was conducted nine months later on all 50 subjects via the telephone. This phone interview consisted of a questionnaire that provided information on the participants continued use of the nutritional supplements and their symptoms experienced.Results showed the subjects felt better after taking the nutritional supplements. Seventy-five percent reported improvements in their present health and 100 % said their quality of life had improved. Findings revealed that tiredness and sadness had decreased while calmness and energy increased. The average symptoms and severity scores had decreased to two.This study looks beyond traditional pharmacological treatments and examines an often-ignored...

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