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Wendy's Business Report, Company Overview, Financial Analysis

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Wendy's International Inc.Company OverviewWendy's fast-food chain is one of the most successful restaurants in its market. In 2004, Wendy's earned a revenue of $3,630 Million, and was ranked 6th in sales for chain restaurants. The company consists of 58,000 employees, and has a $62,678 sales per employee revenue. Wendy's is international in 12 countries worldwide. (2)Products and ServicesWendy's is the only fast-food chain that offers the triple classic. A single hamburger with ¾ of a pound of beef, cheese, lettuce, onions, and tomato. Other products include French fries, baked potatoes, chicken club sandwiches, chicken tenders, and the list goes on. In the UK the menus are slightly different, so they can target the customers in the surrounding area. Unlike its top competitors Wendy's does not offer breakfast, which could be a flaw in their business.Wendy's service is like any other fast food restaurant. You come and order; five minutes later you have a whole meal in your hands. Customers have the option to eat in, or take out. Drive-through is also available for customers who have places to go. (1)Company HistoryIn 1969 Dave Thomas opened up the first Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio. The Name "Wendy" was also his daughter's name. The menu consisted of hamburgers, chili, french fries, soft-drinks, and the frosty desert. One year later the second Wendy's was built, which had the first ever drive-through in fast-food history. Not even two months later, Dave realized that his restaurants were bringing in great profits. By 1975 there were 100 Wendy's restaurants between the United States and Canada, and had revenues of $13 million. In 1979 Wendy's opened its first European restaurant in Munich, Germany. By this time Dave Thomas was opening 1.5 restaurants per day over a 21 month period. By 1992 Wendy's has 4000 restaurants and sales revenue reach $3.6 billion. As Wendy's sales were growing, so was the fast-food industry. Creating new menu items creates an edge on competitors. Wendy's was the first chain to create the dollar menu which consists of 12 items for only 99 cents. Wendy's also brought out their chicken club line which has a variety of tastes. In 2002 Wendy's offers salads to attract new customers, and families. (3)(1)(2)Major subsidiariesBaja Fresh- This subsidiary of Wendy's offers fresh grilled Mexican food. They try to stay away from Taco Bell tactics, and make their food fresh by using grills instead of microwaves, and using healthier ingredients. Baja Fresh currently has 295 restaurants in 26 states. Due to the great competition of Taco Bell, Chipale, and Rubio's Restaurants, Baja Fresh does not bring in to much capital. (3)TDL Group Corp. - Founded in 1964 by former hockey star time Horton. TDL is Canada's top seller in coffee and baked...

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