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Were The Count's Acts Just? Based On The Count Of Monte Cristo By Alexander Dumas. This Includes A Summary In It Too

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Was There Any Justification to the Count of Monte Cristo's Acts of Revenge?

Is it agreeable that an individual should have the right to destroy another individual based only on the fact that they believe that they deserve to suffer? This concept is known as vigilante justice. Is this type of action ever warranted? In "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas, one of the main themes is this concept of taking the law into your own hands through revenge. Were the Count's actions towards the Villefort, Danglars, Caderousse, and Mondego families at all justified? Or, did the Count take matters further than what should be acceptable in society?
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Danglars knows that with Edmond gone, he will become captain of the Pharaon. Fernand knows that without Edmond to interfere, he can win the heart of Mercedes. Caderousse is jealous of the fact that he has been working so hard all his life, and has still amounted to nothing compared to Dantes. Finally, there is Villefort. The letter denouncing Dantes was conveniently addressed to his father. Of course, since Villefort holds such a high position in society he cannot bear to let anyone know that his father is truly a follower of Napoleon! As Blanca says to King Louis XVIII regarding Villefort, "He would sacrifice anything for his own ambition, even his own father." Fortunately, or rather, unfortunately, during his time in prison and following his escape, Dantes discovers the truth about Danglars, Mondego, Caderousse and Villefort - they are all selfish, greedy, and evil. Thus, he swears vengeance.
Finally, after Dantes' carefully analyze his enemies' weaknesses over time, he begins his revenge. He forms an elaborate scheme to take down his enemies without directly doing anything wrong. With his fortune gained from the legendary treasure of Spada, this comes with relative ease.
His scheme begins taking affect in Rome when he meets Fernand and Mercedes' son, Albert. The Count uses Luigi Vampa in order to gain Albert's trust. He takes advantage of this trust to receive access to Fernand and Mercedes. Ultimately, he ruins their family by revealing the fact that Fernand has not gained most of his fortune legitimately - in fact, he received it through murder and the selling of his victim's wife and children for slavery. Conveniently, the Count's slave, Haydee, is the daughter of the man Fernand killed. She gives an emotional testimony against him, ultimately contributing to his downfall. After Mercedes and Albert have learnt the truth about Fernand, they no longer want anything to do with him or their fortune received through treachery. Therefore, they leave him alone with his illegitimate fortune. Fernand does not want to live with his life torn to shreds and commits suicide to end his suffering.
Secondly, there is Caderousse who has the tendency to be greedy. What easier way to get money then to rob someone as rich as the Count of Monte Cristo? Together with Andrea, Caderousse conspires to rob the Count. Little does he know that when he gets to the Count's mansion, he will meet one of Dantes alternate personas, the Abbe Busoni! After leaving the Count's home, Caderousse attempts to flee, but is stabbed by his own partner in crime, Andrea. The Count was aware that this would occur.
Next in his scheme he takes advantage of Danglars love for money. He assists Debray in giving financial 'tips' to the Danglars family, eventually resulting in an extreme loss in their fortune. Danglars skips town to avoid giving the last of his fortune to the hospitals, so the Count of Monte Cristo kidnaps him, again with the help of Luigi. In order...

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