Wes Anderson. It Is Based On A Review Of His Three Films: Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, And The Royal Tenenbaums.

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Removed for PrivacyFilm Criticism02/25/2003A Study of Works of the Auteur Wes AndersonWes Anderson, a young and relatively new director, has to date directed only three major motion pictures and a short film. The short film Bottle Rocket, made in 1994 went on to be made into a full-length film in 1996. His second film, Rushmore (1998) was widely hailed as a masterpiece at its Cannes Film Festival debut. His third and final movie to date was the 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums. The three movies have remarkable similarities, demonstrating the auteur theory in work. The films show Andersons strong personal style through his choice of actors and writers, writing style, score, and cinematography.All of Anderson's movies involve the collaboration of the Wilson brothers on some level. Actors and brothers, Luke and Owen both studied at the University of Texas, where Wilson attended film school. Owen Wilson stars in and co-wrote both Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums. He also co-wrote Rushmore but was not featured in the film. Luke Wilson stars in both Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums, and has a minor role in Rushmore. Bill Murray also stars in both of Andersons latter movies (without monetary compensation no less). There are also several actors that have smaller roles in all three of his films. Kumar Pallana, the lovable Indian butler in The Royal Tenenbaums also plays the janitor in Rushmore and a safe-cracker in Bottle Rocket. His brother Dipak Pallana has roles in all three movies.Both the writing and acting style of the Wilson brothers delivers a distinct mood of comedic undertones to Andersons works. The dialogue is well thought out and delivered with a kind of campy cynicism that differs from the delivery of a generic comedy movie joke. All of Anderson's movies are comedies that deal with serious subjects with a great deal of levity.Bottle Rocket is about a group of misfit wanna-be criminals that embark on a number of absurd robberies. In one scene, the four main characters rob a library at gun-point for a sum of less than five dollars. In Rushmore, a fifteen year-old school boy named Max learns about the pain of love by fighting a newly divorced business man (Bill Murray) for the interests of a teacher. In one scene the student cuts the brakes of the man's car. He looses control of the vehicle and has to bring it to a stop on the school grounds. He then has the boy arrested. In The Royal Tenenbaums one of the main characters attempts to commit suicide. Later in the hospital, his brother confronts him on the issue, asking him why he tried to kill himself."I wrote a suicide note," he says, "after I regained consciousness.""Is it dark?" his brother asks."Of course it's dark, it's a suicide note." He responds.All of these scenes deal with issues that in real life are quite serious. The dark and very dramatic notions of suicide, cutting out the brakes in someone's car, and robbery at gunpoint are all made whimsical by the dry humor in the...

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