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Wes Moore Paper

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Wes Moore Paper
Richelle Goodrich once said, “To encourage me is to believe in me, which gives me the power to defeat dragons.” In a world submerged in diversity, racism and prejudice it is hard for minorities to get ahead. The novel “The Other Wes Moore” is a depiction of the differences that encouragement and support can make in the life of a child. This novel is about two men, with the same name, from the same neighborhood, that endured very similar adversities in their lives, but their paths were vastly different. In the following paragraphs, their lives will be compared, and analyzed from a sociological perspective.
The path of Wes, the felon, was a life filled with drugs, anger, and reckless choices. His mother and brother were the major influences in his life. During his youth he watched his brother, Tony, deal drugs, get shot and control a section of the neighborhood. His brother being the major male influence in his life, Wes idolized him. Meanwhile Wes was struggling with school, and in an attempt to give him a better chance his mother moved them to a different neighborhood.
However, this only opened the door to a significant social change in his life. He, consequently, became involved in the life of dealing drugs that his mother and brother strived so arduously to prevent him from starting. Wes was arrested several times throughout his life starting at the early age of eight, when he attempted to stab another kid. He was also arrested for selling drugs and again for the attempted murder of a man. Another significant change for him was when he went to Job Corps, and was academically successful. Unfortunately, the reality of the world he left behind; such as, supporting his kids drove him to return to dealing, and later to his permanent incarceration.
The life of Wes Moore, the Rhodes Scholar, began similarly to the other Wes. The first sociological event to affect his life was the loss of his father so early on, but his Uncle took the role of leading male influence. As a result of the death of his father, his mother moved the family to the Bronx thinking that they would be safe from the increasing violence in Baltimore. Unfortunately the crime had found the Bronx as well. Strict rules were set in place for Wes, by his grandparents, and he was forced to be home before dark. The second event to socially affect him was when his mother made him attend a private school. He suffered ridicule by his neighborhood friends, and subsequently made up stories in an attempt...

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