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Wesley Belief On Salvation Essay

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On June 17, 1703, Reverend Samuel Wesley and Susannah welcomed a little baby boy into their family. This little boy was their fifteenth child they had, but he was the sixth child to survive birth. This little boy would become not just a theologian and pastor whom many would agree with while others would disagree with, but he also would became the founder of the Methodist Movement. The theologian whom this paper is about is none other than John Wesley. Wesley was influenced by a lot of other scholarly Christians at Oxford, their group “became known as the ‘Holy Club,’ ‘Bible Moths,’ or ‘Methodist’” (Cross 1446). It was also at a meeting on May 24 1783, that Wesley “experienced a ...view middle of the document...

We are all born from Adam and Eve and from them sin entered into all of our lives. Along with the sin we die not just physical deaths, but spiritual deaths as well, we also become separated from God. All persons are born evil through the nature of human begins that started with Adam. Therefore all persons are in need of God’s prevenient grace which leads to salvation. Prevenient Grace restores our ability to make moral decisions; it enables us to be aware of God calling us and gives us the ability to respond. In other words Prevenient Grace is the call on one’s life from God to come into the family of God. Once we receive Christ into our hearts, we then experience Justifying Grace or justification. “Justification makes us righteous and just before God” (Cramer). We receive justification from Christ when He died on the cross, His blood covering our sins. We ourselves cannot give or do anything to receive justification it is all on God. We receive it the minute He calls us to be His children. “Wesley affirms that justification can only be known by faith” (Cramer). At which point our sin is no longer seen by God, this doesn’t mean it’s not there He just over looks it. Once the sinner repents and welcomes Jesus into his or her heart and is born again, they begin the next part of salvation called sanctification.
Second, sanctified also called sanctifying grace “is the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer” (Cramer). This sanctifying grace is what draws the Christian into prefect Christianity. Their heart is “filled with the love of God and their neighbors” (Cramer). Sanctification begins at the same time justification does when we are born again Christians (Wesley). As we grow closer and closer to God we become less sinful and more holy this is the sanctification part. Just like justification is by faith so is sanctification. All the good works we do and the evil deeds that we refrain from would not be considered...

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