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West Texas A&M University Report

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I searched up veterinary university’s on the web and found West Texas A&M University. West Texas A&M University, Oregon university, and stanford university sent me a sticker and a letter back saying some cool information about the universities. I chosed West Texas A&M University because I always wanted to go to texas and it teaches me agriculture, science, and engineering.

It is located at Canyon, Texas, a city of 13,000 that is about 13 miles south of Amarillo a city of 190,000. Canyon has an average of 264 sunny days a year with a mild, dry climate. During the summer months, temperatures often reach at the 90’s. Temperatures sometimes drop below freezing during winter and it ...view middle of the document...

There is 3,244 women who tend as also 2,605 men who attend this university. There is 286 african americans, 58 american indians, 100 asians, 1,074 hispanic, 105 international, 4,226 white people, and race 0. The campus size is 135 acres. The university has a satellite campus on the campus of Northern Texas.

If you were a resident you would have to pay 22,470 for total and if you were a non-resident it would be 39,584. If they get a room they would have to pay $9,522, the books would cost $1,000, and if you get the 175 meals/semester then it would be $175 dining dollars or if you get 200 meals/semester then it would $150 dollars.

Curricular Offerings
College of Agriculture, science and engineering, college of business, college of education and social science, college of fine arts and humanities, college of nursing and health sciences. The education and social science and the college of business is what interests me. I think I would like to take the education and social science because I want to learn...

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