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Western Civ Essay

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“Extra, Extra read all about it: Two princes disappear, King Richard main suspect” would have been the headlines of the newspaper in the late 1400s if they had of had newspapers. Rumors spread about the princes’ disappearances throughout the land; no one knew what happened in the tower. Eventually they blamed King Richard; however, to this day we still do not know what in the tower. There have been multiple papers and articles published discussing the possibilities of what happen in the tower. These articles do not always agree on what happened in the tower.
The articles by More, Vergil and the Croyland Chronicle all state why Richard III killed the two princes, his nephews. According to ...view middle of the document...

The picture that the three articles paint of him is not a pretty picture. According to the description from More’s article, Richard appearance was “little of stature, ill featured of limbs, crooked backed, his left shoulder much higher then his right, hard favored of visage... he was malicious, wrathful, and envious.”(More). This description from More makes it seem that everything about King Richard was malicious, from his intent to kill the princes to his imagine. Vergil’s account of King Richard’s appearance is almost identical to the rendition from More but, he adds that while Richard was thinking he would “continually bite his lower lip, as though that cruel nature of his did so rage against itself in that little carcass”(Vergil). In the article by the Croyland Chronicle they do not mention King Richard’s appearance. When King Richards’s body was discovered they found that he had severe scoliosis which would account for his short stature and for his crooked appearance.
All of these sources blame Richard for the death of the two princes and portray him in a malicious way. The question might come to one’s mind are these sources reliable and trustworthy. All of these sources would be influenced by King Henry in one way or another. Sir Thomas More was under the employ of King Henry VII when he wrote the article which one could conclude that Henry would have an influence on what More wrote in his article. One would not want to write anything bad about their boss especially about their king since that could lead to severe consequences. Also More didn’t write his article until 28 years after King Richard’s death. Even if he tried to write as honestly writing over 28 years after the event could make the details hazy and not as true as they would be if he wrote right after the murder of the two princes’. The reason that Vergil wrote his article about the murder of the princes’ was that he was hired to write it by King Henry VII. This fact would make the article bias because you would not want to write ill of the person who is employing you. He also was not living in London at the time the murders happened and that means that he would only get information for the article through secondary sources. These secondary sources would be bias and this would lead to the conclusion that Vergil’s article is not trustworthy. Along with both of the other sources, the Croyland Chronicle author was also under King Henry’s influence. He was a member of King Henry’s council. Due to the fact all of the sources were influenced by King Henry VII one can conclude that they aren’t unbiased and therefore aren’t...

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