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Western Feminism And Others Essay

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• Mohanty~ “Under Western Eyes” •

Transnational Feminism is not monolithic understanding, but an umbrella term–with theories, issues, and concerns revolve around inclusiveness of topics such as activism in women's health, reproductive rights, race, correlation of power and poverty, gender equality, etc. Society has a tendency to lean towards hegemony and imperialism, which endangers feminism. It could be argued that through a transnational lens, feminism is about ending oppressions of us all, that it is a cutting-edge revolution and the fourth wave of feminism that strives for true equality. Sometimes the word feminism has been conditioned to an assumption of western feminism, but ...view middle of the document...

” (Mohanty, page 39)
I felt this quote was appropriate because it provided me with a framework in which to evaluate and understand future readings on this topic and interdisciplinary approach clarifies the complexity of this issue.
Based on this quote in relation the context behind the chapter excerpt, Mohanty analyzes her vision in the blatant shortcomings in Western feminism and how one should correctly and insightfully theorize the ideologies behind “Third World Feminism” and the women it directly relates to. Mohanty particularly examines the dialogues of Western feminism in hopes to understand the mechanics behind the construction of “Third World Women” subjected and objected to a monolithic view. A more impactful model to address these theories is to include intersectionality, which would not compartmentalize these women in solely socio-political borders from issues around gender and gender oppression.

• Angela Davis– “Women in Egypt” (excerpt) •

In Woyingi’s essay review, she raises questions of intersectionality between equality and similarity in the issues Western women face and Egyptian women. Woyingi provides examples and reminders regarding socioeconomic and sociopolitical liberation, which presents the readers and the people of interest as a group that needs more understanding and consideration of voice based upon their gender(s) that are silenced through patriarchal notions. There is strength in that intersectionality between women and that can often go overlooked when trying to understand these complexities and it should be a humbly considered n the overall scheme of things. This quote from the introduction contextualizes the ideas behind Woyingi’s thoughts:
“When I initially agreed to travel to Egypt for the purpose of documenting my...

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