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Western Culture Media: Hazardous To The Health Of Females

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I believe that as long as Western Culture promotes thinness as “pinnacles of beauty” (McClelland, p. 394), beauty advertising will continue to be damaging to women (Orbach, p. 386) leaving them desiring to be accepted, to be beautiful and to feel good about themselves (Orbach, p.387). Magazines, television, movies, and the Internet portray women who are successful in love, career, finances to be slim (McClelland, p.393). The influence of Western Culture was clearly demonstrated when just “three years After the introduction of TV into Fiji in 1995, 11.9% of adolescent girls were puking into the toilet bowl trying to change their Fujian build into one that resembled the Western images they were imbibing via their TV sets” (Orbach, 387). By 1998, 29% of the girls in Fiji had developed a significant eating disorder and 80% said that the way they felt about their bodies was affected when watching television resulting in them altering their bodies (McClellan, p.393). It has also been noted that after looking at a magazine for as little as thirty minutes the self-esteem of young girls drops significantly and her mood becomes more depressed (Orbach, p. 387). Television, magazines, movies and the Internet have “unrealistic representations of femaleness” (Orbach, p. 387) with skinny girls being “shoved in the faces of people all over the world” (McClelland, p.392). After looking at a magazine, girls and women will try to “look younger, skinnier, taller, bigger breasted, smaller breasted and making sure every surface coiffed, painted, plucked, waxed, perfumed, moisturized, conditioned or dyed” (Orbach, p. 387). The media has set up a relationship of insecurity, where there is always something else to work on and then aging is waiting (Orbach, p. 387). The relationship women share with “the beauty industry perfectly encapsulates the psychological essence of the abused” (Orbach, p. 387). Girls and women look at the media and think “I want to be like them,” as the “come to identify less with their own cultures and more with an image in the media” (McClelland, p.393). It is very important to try to fit in and they will attempt to alter their bodies (McClelland, p.393) even though much of the media is “based on impossibility, not on possibility (Orbach, 388).
The skinny, need free women used in advertising have created serious health and mental problems for girls and women (Orbach, p. 387). In 1999, the number one concern for females aged 11 to 80 was concern about the body and eating issues (Orbach, p. 388). The majority of women wake up and feel their stomachs to see how their behavior was the day before regarding eating, then they decide what the punishment will be (Orbach, p. 388). Over the past 30 years the number of women who are anorexics, induce vomiting and use laxatives has increased dramatically (McClelland, 393). Today, one out of four college females has a serious eating disorder (Orbach, p.387). There is an obsession with...

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