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Western Ideologies And Cinema: The Paralles Between The Cold War And The Movie Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

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In order to get an idea of the values, belief systems and overall ideologies of a culture, it is sometimes helpful to look at the stories that culture tells; whether it is through their art, literature or even cinema. In Western culture, cinema plays a very large role in this story telling. Many movies accurately depict social attitudes, and individual behaviors of the American public. One of these movies is Invasion of the Body Snatchers. One way in which this movie depicts American culture is by examining the fact that it was made during the Cold War era. The plot of the story, along with the characters, describes the American social perspective of that time. For example, there is a very strong "Us Vs. Them" mentality in the movie. The human beings symbolize the Americans during the war, as the pods resemble the Soviets. The humans are depicted as warm, wholesome small town folk. The pods, on the other hand, are depicted as cold, evil and emotionless beings that collectively work to destroy human society. This was a common perspective Americans held during the Cold War- the Soviets were cold, calculating people who would work collectively to spread communism around the globe, and ultimately destroy American culture. Although the pods in the movie originate from another planet, at first it is very difficult for the humans to recognize that they are amongst the population. They look like the other humans, and for the most part they behave the same. The main difference is the pods are devoid of human emotions. This lack of human emotion is significant in many ways. First, it has often been said that the cold war lasted so long because neither side (America or the Soviet Union) was able to understand the other. Their culture, politics and belief systems were extremely different. This difference caused a lot of fear and paranoia about the other country. However, both sides were human, and both sides wished to preserve their way of life. In the movie the same concept exists. The pods are replicas of the humans, and both sides simply wish to preserve their way of life. Interestingly, the movie uses the theme of paranoia a lot in the beginning of the movie. As some of the humans are trying to warn others about the existence of the pods, they are considered paranoid, and silly. This theme of paranoia also greatly existed during the war. The perfect example, is Senator McCarthy. The Senator tried very hard to convince the public that there were evil communist lurking all over America, collaborating to wipeout the American way of life.Further, lack of human emotion plays another important role in describing humans in ANY culture. At one point in the movie, one of the pods is trying to explain to the humans that the transformation process is painless, and it is for the best. This is because the lack of human emotion is the only change they will experience. This in turn would be a good thing because it would save humans from...

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