Wetlaufer, S (1998). “After The Layoffs, What Next?” Harvard Business Review, Sept Oct, 24 42. (Analyse Ob Issues In The Case Study And Find Solution)

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SECTION 1Despite Charyl Urquhart's reticence, Guy Christiano is considering interfering in Charyl's project in order to help her team succeed. This tension represents a threat for the effectiveness of Ralston Crane and the satisfaction of its customers. Such issue can be analysed throughout a motivational perspective by focusing on Charyl's performance determinants.Job design's researches suggest that the intensity of the effort may depend on how the constituents of a job are organized (2010 Robbins, Judge and Campbell p173). People's behaviour and actions are influenced by goals, which determine performances and responses (Locke in Luthans, 2011 p184). The goal setting theory seems to be particularly appropriate to investigate the problem because of its success in proposing general and practical solutions concerning motivation in a work context.The success of Charyl's project appears to be doubtful, that is why Guy wants to interfere in it and get involved. This essay aims to analyse the reasons at the origin of Charyl's poor performance, which leads to tensions between Ralston's members. After exploring Ralston Crane's case recommendations to overcome difficulties will be made.a) Goal difficulty and specificityLocke and Latham's (2002 p705) core findings show the relation of goal difficulty and specificity to performance. They found that specific difficult goals brought about higher performance than inciting people to do their best (Locke and Latham 2002 p 706). The case study suggests that Charyl's goal is not specific for two main reasons. First CMO Ruth McViney discreetly introduces Ralston Crane's initiatives and says the team should come up with new ideas without setting specific targets. Second, Gina Gallion, a member of Charyl's team feels the need of contacting Guy, who is not part of the team, asking for specific inputs, which suggest a lack of direction.The difficulty of the goal appears to be relatively low as the project is described as a "toe in water" or "a run-of-the-mill seminar series". According to Latham (2004 p126) people asking to do their best fail to succeed because the request is too imprecise and abstract. Hence, the evaluation is done individually. However, specifying high goals makes clear what level is to be attained (Latham 2004).b) Goal mechanismsLocke and Latham (2002 p706) argue that there are four mechanisms affecting performance: direction, effort, persistence and strategies. It is useful to focus on the fourth point to understand Guy and Charyl's different attitudes to the project. According to Locke and Latham (2002 p707) when people face task goals, they naturally resort to their previous knowledge and competence that are applicable to new goal attainment, which explains why Guy automatically associates the two projects and why he aims to apply the structure of his previous work to Charyl's one. On the other hand, Smith Locke & Barry (1990) suggest that people confronted with new task goals will need to...

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